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So….I’m on my last leg of the race.  34 weeks along now.  6 weeks left to go.  Or perhaps less if Rylee decides she wants to meet us sooner. Oops, I just said it.  RYLEE.  That’s her name :)  It’s the first one Sam thought of when we found out we were having a baby, and we liked it for a boy or a girl.  But once we found out it was a girl….it stuck even more.  We tossed around a dozen more ideas over the last few months but we kept going back to Rylee, the name we both first loved. So we’ve  decided to make it official and tell people.  It’s so nice to finally call her something.  I feel like everyday our bond grows closer.  She is moving more than ever these days.  I can feel her elbows on my side and her tiny feet jab up into my ribs.  I’ve got to give her a good push sometimes to have her move.  It’s kind of turned into a game between us.   Not quite as fun on my end I guess…but somehow it always make me smile.  Knowing she is growing and fattening up and getting ready to be snuggled in my arms.  The thought of holding her and looking into her eyes is becoming more of a reality with each passing day.  And I have never been more excited and anxious for that day to come.  As much as I want that time to be now, I want her to hang tight inside of me at least for a few more weeks so that she is healthy and strong when she is born.  The doctor did tell me this morning that if I were to go into labor today, that she would most likely be just fine.  And knowing that is comforting in itself.

I have another ultrasound on Thursday to check on her growth and make sure she is still on track.  By “tape measure standards”, I am still measuring small.  But two months ago they also said I was measuring small and Rylee was in fact bigger than expected.  So I am hoping she is fat as ever!  And as far as how I am feeling, I can’t complain too much.  My feet are swollen and I’ve got a lot of pressure on my pelvis, which gives me a nice waddle….but other than that, there has been nothing really too concerning.  I count my blessings every day and feel blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy up until this point.  Of course I’ve had my days, but every symptom, ache, and pain, has been very normal, and nothing my body has not been able to handle.  I am just crossing my fingers that the next few weeks my body stays strong and continues to prove me wrong in it’s abilities.  I have always been a bit of a pessimist when it comes to my own health, mainly because of all of the issues I have had to deal with in the past.  Thank God I have my husband to continue to bring me back to reality and remind me that everything will be OK! I am still working as hard as ever right now but I plan on stopping work in about 4 weeks (2 weeks prior to my due date).  I think i’ll need a little rest (for my mind and body) in prep for this babe.  I also need a minute to finish the nursery that has been severely neglected as of late!  I promise I’ll share some photos of it when it’s complete….but for now, all we have is the foundation: new floors, cloud grey walls, crib,  changer and *my dream* rocker. Drapes and bedding are on their way and now I need to add some touches of color and art!  Ayiyi, I don’t know if I will ever have time to get it all finished!

Here are more dreamy nurseries I’ve been inspired by.  Links can be traced back on my PINTEREST



Dress by Free People / Belt by Anthropologie / Shoes by Jeffery Campbell / Earrings by N.OM


These pics were taken a few weeks ago by my girls at JOIELALA…hence my downscale in belly size.  I will do a 34 week bump update tomorrow….but for now…a little fashion.  Lately, I have had a crush on teal and coral.  It’s such a fun summery combo.  Sadly, I think it’s time to store away these skyscraper Jeffery Campbell’s for a few months.  As much as I love them, the larger I grow the harder it is to walk. Yes, I hate to admit it but I am developing a bit of a waddle! I’ll be back tomorrow with more news! Below are my teal/coral fashion picks for the day.  Happy Saturday!

Proenza Schouler Teal Leather BagCoral “C” Tusk Pendant / AG Stevie Ankle Pant in Red /Fringed Poncho / Antik Batik Fringed Thong Sandal



I read this quote the other day and decided to make it my motto:

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”


It’s so easy to WANT isn’t it?  I wish I had more money, or better clothes, or a bigger house, or longer legs, or a softer mattress (true!).  Wanting, complaining, and comparing comes so naturally!  Why is it so much harder to just be thankful?  When I step back and see all the things my life is blessed with, I realize life has been pretty good to me.  And really, the things I like to complain about are so insignificant in the bigger picture.  Yes, life comes with it’s up and downs…confidence and worries….strengths and insecurities. But to have a home to live in and an incredible husband by my side and little baby girl on the way….there is much to find joy in these days, and I am filled with gratitude.


Dip Dye Skirt – Anthropologie, Printed silk top – Vintage, Necklace – Vintage (gifted)

This lemon-lime and tomato red has got to be one of my favorite summer color combos.  This skirt is the most comfortable thing I own at the moment and allows some breathing room for my big ol belly.  I found this top probably five years ago at a thrift store and have only worn it once before.  Why not bust out the crop top again while I’m pregnant? Haha! I would have never guessed, but I liked it paired with the length of the skirt and my “belly accessory”.  I am in fact quite proud to be a soon-to-be momma!  My silver necklace was gifted to me by my sweet sister in law, Hannah, who found it on one of her thrifting sprees (she lives in Boulder, CO and is actually just a month behind me in her first pregnancy!).  She owns / runs an online vintage store on Etsy called RUBY SUE VINTAGE.  Be sure to stop by.  It is full of great odds and ends for your home.  Have a lovely weekend!


U . S . A

Happy Fourth of July! Ok yes, we can all just take a minute at laugh at the basketball belly I have going on right now! I am 32 weeks….which means 8 more weeks to go!  Yeek! This outfit is (obviously) my attempt at being patriotic today.  My “turban” is actually just an old shirt cut up and knotted together…and my striped dress is from H&M years ago! I kind of liked how it really made my belly pop though. I don’t own very many things that give it this effect! haha!  No better time than now to own it I guess!

Our plans today include #1 – BEACH!  #2 – BBQ!  #3 – FIREWORKS!  I love summer!

Bow Hair Clips / Mae Cropped Splatter T-Shirt / Jeffrey Campbell SASSY platform Heel /
Petite Flag Shorts / Tie-Dye Flag