So, it’s August 1st.  Which means it’s my baby month! I thought this month would never come.  It feels like I have been anticipating August for forever now….and well, we’ve made it!  Little Rylee has been growing faster than ever.  They say that in these last 4 weeks is really when she packs on the pounds…about an ounce a day.  And man can I feel it.  She is already in a head down position (yay!) , which means her kickboxing lessons shoot straight for my ribs (ow!).  Sitting at work I am constantly pushing down her little feet that get caught just under my right rib cage.  I keep telling myself “only a couple more weeks”!  Backaches have finally set in and sleep is no longer so easy for me.  I guess I can be thankful that my difficulty sleeping is just coming around now.  Maybe it’s my body’s way of getting me prepared for all those sleepless nights to come!

Friday is my last day at Jedidiah, and it’s honestly such an odd feeling.  I have been working full time for so many years now and have never really learned how to slow down. It’s always “go go go”…and “how many projects can I possibly take on without burning out?”  Now, thinking about stopping (in fact, KNOWING I am stopping)…is such a foreign idea.  It’s not like I am stopping forever, but work as I now know it will never be the same.  Part of it scares me because I have gotten so comfortable with my routine and my workaholic ways that I am not sure what I am going to do with myself when it all abruptly stops.  But the other side of me knows that REST is what I need right now, and that this baby is going to bring such a huge, incredible life change that I think I have been wanting for a long time.  The idea of being a mommy and loving and nurturing this tiny little human life that I (or I should say “we”) created is such an amazing feeling.  I am ready for it….or at least as ready as I will ever be.

…a few pics Sam took the other day. 25 more days and counting!

And if you want to end your night with a good laugh….THIS PHOTO was me just a few hours ago at my friends house watching the season finale of the Bachelorette.  My tummy now officially qualifies as a table :)  Especially convenient for late night ice cream cravings.


  1. Sher

    Wow, what an exciting time for you! You look lovely by the way! I’ve been waiting for August forever too, but it’s for my wedding day which will be in another 25 days time, what a coincidence:)


  2. steffy

    ahhhh youre going to be a mommy so soon! it is so crazy bc me and your other readers have watched your belly grow :) its so insane to think a littlebaby is really really in there! enjoy the last few weeks :) !!!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Jen Cairel

    Very exciting that you’re so close! And I swear you don’t even look preggers in that picture of you from the front (minus the shirt poofing out just a tad)! Good luck with your last week of work :o)

  4. Carly

    We are so excited for you!

    I hear you about the work thing – I have ALWAYS worked like crazy and it’s difficult to think about stopping when we have a baby. Do you think that you will go back? Or, will you just freelance? I probe because these are things the Mister and I have been discussing at length as of late in thinking about having a little one. :) It’s interesting to me to know how other families make it work.

  5. Mary Kate

    How exciting, Kelli! You look fantastic! I myself don’t have any kids yet but I’ve watched my sisters go from full time work to being moms. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch. I always love reminding them from an outsiders perspective that they are one on one mentoring each kid of theirs to grow up and potentially do amazing things!! It’s such a neat job!! In a different sort of way, I relate to you – I too am soon to have my final day at work (at the Light Gives Heat office) – we are moving and it’s kinda crazy to be in a place where you don’t know how you will respond to the next chapter of life! Life is an adventure and God loves surprising us and showing us his love, so I know your next chapter will be amazing in a whole new way! (as I know mine will be too) Blessings on ya in the next few weeks!! :)

  6. Ilana

    Oh Kelli I am so excited for you!!! I cannot believe it’s nearly your time to be mummy! I can only imagine how difficult the routine change might be at first, but you will be a natural :) And the great thing about doing what you do, is that you can slot in some time to work from home when little Rylee is older.
    Good luck with the next couple of weeks, enjoy those few precious weeks of no work before bubba comes along!


  7. Christen

    aw, you look too cute! definitely an adorable mommy-to-be. and best of luck with the last 4 weeks…soak in all the relaxation you can get! you deserve it after years of working hard ;)

  8. Hannah

    Wow! This is so exciting. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but never commented. You are really beautiful and I can tell your little girl is going to be adorable!
    Hope everything goes well and congratulations!


  9. Laura

    You are a gorgeous and glowingly beautiful pregnant lady!!! :) Just discovered your sweet blog & love it :)



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