Ok yes, rewind again on these.  These pics were taken a little over a month ago, so i’ve got my belly bump order all messed up here on my blog! But I couldn’t help but post them.  I love the colors in these photos by JOIELALA.  I guess i’ve got a bit of a hippy vibe going on here (the only vibe that seems to suit my growing belly these days).  My skirt was ransacked from my sister’s closet, via Free People.  Obviously, I can’t really get enough of their stuff.  They have a store literally right down the street from my house at the Forum in Carlsbad.  It’s a daily struggle not to jump in my car and buy something new! Well, it’s not REALLY that bad….but there is always something I want to walk away with when I go there.  What stores are like that for you?

Love Art Print by Sweet William


I know I have been a bit MIA lately.  So just to re-cap.  I am on maternity leave!! Whew! My last day of work was last Friday.  And although I am partially still working from home, the last two days have been wonderful.  I feel like this week is a time for me to rest and reflect.  I haven’t really taken the opportunity to fully process this pregnancy and come to terms with the fact that in just a few short weeks, I will have a baby!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was announcing my “big news” to you here on my blog.  And here I am, on the last leg of my journey, about to embark in a whole new adventure of life….motherhood!  With Rylee’s arrival quickly approaching I have been feeling all sorts of emotions: excitement, fear, curiosity….My prayer is that God keeps us safe through this delivery and that Rylee arrives to us healthy and strong.  It’s funny because so many people have asked me “are you nervous about labor?”   In all honesty, I have been more fearful of the process of pregnancy than I have of actually giving birth.  Worrying if she was growing enough inside of me and anxious about weather or not she (or I) would have any major complications.  I suppose now that I am so close to the finish line, small fears of labor are now popping up.  But I keep telling myself that babies are born everyday….and no matter what my birth story looks like, I will be just fine.  My body has made it this far, I have faith it can finish the job!  She will be here before I know it!



  1. Claire Johnson

    Dear Kelly
    Congrats on your new arrival. I have two baby girls(well they are not really babies anymore 3 and 5) and everyday is an adventure! You are going to be a fabulous mother!! I love reading your blog and I am your number one fan!! Giving birth is the easy will go so fast..take pictures so you can look back and remember! Kiss your baby everyday for everyday it is a blessing to have this little human being. Babies make life 100% better..but girls make them 110%!! You will do great! I will be praying for you and your new little family. Many blessings!! Get ready to start to begin your new life…MAMA!!!

  2. Shanika@Lifeispichey

    This has been my favorite look! I love the hippie look (that’s all I wore during high school. It’s slowly reemerging). Congrats on the little one that is about to come I to your life! I love the name Rylee. Me and my husband actually considered that name!!

  3. steffy

    i love this girly subtle look on you. and PHEW youre on the last leg of pregnancy! i feel like it was just yesterday that i read your announcement! it has been so fun following you on this journey!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Meli

    You look gorgeous a la boho. The pic of your hand on the belly….with the skirt drown up in the other hand…just perfection!!! I adore that. Good luck lady.

  5. jing

    Hi kelly, we may not know each other in real life. But I would like to congrats you on your new baby girl! Hope you & Rylee both stay healthy. This is me sending you love from another part of the world :)

  6. Suzen

    Hi Kelli! I can see from your photos that you are very healthy and I think you are going to have a very uneventful birth. (Which is the best kind–no surprises!!) I had 3 kids without a speck of anesthesia and everything was fine. It will be harder than you think and less difficult than you fear, if that helps any. And will have your baby girl and be holding her and smelling her delicious little head and wondering how you ever lived without her little rosebud face looking up at you. Sending you lots of love, energy and happy wishes!

  7. Crystal

    Im loving your picture locations.. You mentioned Carlsbad which is where I live.. Are these outdoor (forest-like) locations near?

  8. Michelle

    I have always felt the same way about giving birth. The reality that women give birth every day really helped me through my first delivery and i was never too nervous about it. That’s a good attitude to have! You look gorgeous!



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