I wanted to share just a few of the pictures taken by our good friend Jason just 4 days before Rylee was born.  Glad he got to capture my belly at it’s largest….along with my husband!

Check out more of his amazing work on his website :  JASON WARD STUDIOS



  1. McCallion

    AWESOME pics!!! Hope y’all are havin’ fun and all is well!! Much love to you three!! :)

  2. linnea

    can i just ask you, as i found myself thinking of it everytime your husband appear in a picture here, is he from sweden? im refering to your surname and his looks. hehe, im just wondering as i am from sweden myself :D

    love yr blog btw, u are so sweet!

  3. smäm

    Must say I really love your blog, your artwork and your design. You really are very talented :) And congratulations to the little one.

  4. Stuart Campagnone

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