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Hat – Vintage / Shirt – Am. Apparel / Sweater – Free People / Tights and Socks – UO/ Shoes – Dolce Vita  

The weather is finally getting chilly again here in San Diego.  It can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  Hot then cold, hot then cold. But hopefully the Fall chill is here to stay this time and my scarves and sweaters can be put on full rotation.  It rained here last night, and rainy days (which we rarely ever see) make for the perfect excuse to stay inside, cozy up by the fire with a sketchbook, drink tea and bake a loaf of  banana bread.  That’s what I did at least.  It was a good Fall day.  I’ll need to repeat it again soon!  

Life has been good to me lately.  Rylee is growing like crazy and is almost sleeping through the night now.  Her general disposition is so happy and content….and we all know a happy baby means a happy momma!  Her big gummy smiles just melt my heart every time.  I think I am finally getting the hang of this motherhood thing!  It’s certainly been an adjustment balancing work, baby, and art…and understanding how much I can realistically take on with Rylee now in the picture..  I’ve burnt myself out so many times in the past, I want to make sure I don’t let myself get to that breaking point again….ever.  Rylee  has actually made my “no’s” a lot easier to swallow.  Instead of feeling like I am constantly disappointing people for not being able to take on their projects, I am able to look at it as the right decision for my family and an opportunity to spend more quality time with my baby  Even though I still WISH I could make everybody happy, for me to be happy, I know I just can’t.  With that said, I have actually been thinking a lot about my personal artwork and how i’d like to further pursue that going forward….after having taken a significant break to focus on baby.  I know I definitely want to create some new original (uncommissioned) work and also get a few different prints up in my shop. (Hopefully in time for Christmas shoppers!!)  But i’ve also been dreaming up some sort of baby line.  Hand made clothing, accessories and nursery room prints.  I’ve been commissioned so many times to create art for children that I thought why not create a collection of prints available online?  Up-playing the innocent and childlike characteristics that my art already possesses, and marketing it for children.  And not only offer art, but also clothes.  I can’t tell you how much I have looked for tiny stylish clothes for Rylee that don’t break the bank.  It’s honestly been hard to come by!  It seems that everything is either pink,predictable  and cheap….or absolutely adorable and ridiculously expensive.  Which is why I’ve started making things on my own for Rylee.  It’s a fraction of the price and I can get creative with pattern and color.  Not to mention a better fit! Why is everything 0-3 months SO wide!?? Ry is just barely beginning to fit into those clothes and she is coming close to her 3 month mark!  Or maybe she is just a runt for her age.  Anyway….I’m just rambling now.  The reality of doing this is probably still a ways off, but it’s just something i’ve been dreaming of lately.  What do you think?  Is there anyone out there you know of that sells baby clothes and art prints together in the same online shop? Do tell!

Happy Monday!


Here are  some new tee shirt designs now for sale at JEDIDIAH!   (one of my favorite girls graphic collections to date!)  I designed “Bows” and “Lost at Sea”.  “Woven” designed by Wesley Bird .  Can you tell I like designing in just one color!?! Haha….with tees, sometimes simple is better.  These are my top three favorites of the moment. LOST AT SEA was a fun one to create.  I’m usually not a skull kind of girl, but  I thought incorporating the leaf pattern helped to feminize it a bit, and I really love the way it turned out.  I thought it would make for a pretty cool halloween stamp too! Maybe next year. Visit the STORE for more!

Proceeds from each tee will be benefitting an organization we are partnered with for the season called StandUp for Kids – a national non-profit whose mission is to improve the lives of homeless teenagers and at risk youth. This money specifically will be used to help fund a brand new StandUp For Kids homeless center in New York City.  Join us in helping make a difference!




I was soooo looking forward to this Halloween!  I think more than any other before.  Duh…I had a tiny little baby to dress up! I searched high and low for a Halloween costume to buy Rylee, but I was just not satisfied with the selection.  Everything looked the same and nothing was little enough to fit my itty bitty 10 pounder.  So out came the sewing machine! I found this animal print spandex and “spider web-like” black lace at the fabric store down the street.  It made for the perfect cave baby outfit.  Complete with a one shouldered onsie (with snaps!), a layered lace and leopard zig zag skirt, and a mini cross bones headband.  (I think I just might ebay this thing)  And yes, I went a little nuts and made Sam and I costumes too.  Although much less effort went into those!  I know it’s all kind of silly, but I couldn’t help myself.

Halloween night our cave man family headed to my parents house and met up with my sister and her kids for some trick or treating.  Her boys were the cutest cowboys ever (age 1 and 3).  We feasted on chili and cornbread and all fell into a sugar coma after all the pumpkin pie, ice cream and buckets of candy.  One night…it’s allowed.  Right?  Nights like this make me so thankful for the love of family….and for my baby girl that makes my life just that much sweeter!  I hope you all had a great Halloween as well!  I am going to blog bounce a bit to check out all of your costumes! :) xoxo.