Blouse – HOME in Encinitas / Sweater – Causeway Mall / Leggings – H&M / Shoes – Steve Madden / Sunglasses – Karen Walker / Bag – NEEDSUPPLY

We have had the most splendid January days the last few weeks!  The temperature in the upper 70’s!  The sun is warm and the air is crisp! I am soaking it up while it lasts!  This was the outfit I wore the other day on a date night with Sam….and Rylee.  Our “dates” no longer consist of just the two of us.  But at least we are attempting to still go out!  Rylee is HUGE!  Every time I look at her I can’t believe how big she is.  I’ll post more pictures soon.  She’s not my tiny little peanut anymore.  Now she’s my chunky monkey and her cheeks are taking over her face!! haha.  Love that.

In other news, I am officially working as a FREELANCER now! I have been employed full time at Jedidiah since I was 20 years old.  7 years! Yow….that is a long time!  It has been a great place to work for so many years, but my new life as a mom needs something more part time.  I will still be working as a freelance graphic designer for Jedidiah, but my workload (and pocket book) will scale down significantly.  I’ll take that trade any day if it means more time with Ry.  I’m excited for what lies ahead and to see how I do with working just freelance.  It’s something I have considered for years.  Perhaps it will leave room for more custom art projects!  Hooray for new beginnings!




  1. Stefany

    Your illustration is amazing!! So is your outfit, I really love that cardi. Good luck on your new adventure as a freelancer too :) xx

  2. cathryn

    Congratulations on taking the leap into the freelance world :) I went freelance full time in October, and although its been a challenge I have not looked back!

    If you ever want to swap tips you know where I am :)

  3. Jen Cairel

    CONGRATS on deciding to freelance. I wish I had crazy talent like you so that I could work for myself! You are so, so talented I don’t have any doubts that you will do fabulously!!

    This is a super cute outfit..I’m dying over that sweater. I’m sooo jealous of your weather! We’ve had it mild here too (40s) but I miss that San Diego winter weather!

  4. Carly

    That is so exciting! It’s such a big decision to leave your formal career – one that I am turning over in my brain for when the time comes. If you can keep a steady stream of freelance work, I think that’s the dream!

  5. leyla

    the coat is pretty interesting, definitely a statement piece!

    your illustrations are so fun and playful. beautiful to look at!



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