Jacket – Anthropologie / Skirt – Free People / Stripped shirt – Forever 21 / Hat – Urban Outfitters

Well, it certainly feels like winter has returned here.  San Diego weather is so weird sometimes.  One week it’s blazing hot, and the next I am chilled to the bone.  But I hear the chill will pass quickly.  Thank goodness!  I much prefer the sunshine! This week our family has finally gotten over our colds!  Talk about dragging on.  I think it has literally been about 6 years since I have had a true ‘cold’.  Poor Rylee had a terrible cough and was not sleeping as well as usual.  It was the first time (ever) of her getting sick….so it was a sad day for me as a mama to see her not feeling well.  Let alone try to care for her while I was feeling terrible too.  It’s kind of the worst.  I had about a hundred people tell me about the Nose Frida (snot sucker)….so I got that for Rylee and it really did help her breath a little more easily.  I would definitely recommend it!  Anyway…we got through it!  And hopefully that pesky virus won’t come around again anytime soon.

 It’s hard for me to believe, but this little peanut just turned 7 months old a few days ago!  It honestly blows my mind how much faster time goes by now that I have a baby.  I thought it would be just the opposite…but man was I wrong.  She is the joy of my life and my constant source of happiness.  I can’t imagine living life without her.  The big “one year” will be here in no time.


  1. Jen Cairel

    I’m so in love with this outfit. (I think I say that a lot on your blog) You put things together so well. I never would have thought to put the jacket & shirt with that skirt but I LOVE this!

    AND I couldn’t be more in love with that photo of Rylee!! She is sooooo adorable! :o) Glad you’re all feeling better!

  2. Claudia

    Lovely skirt and lovely baby!!! Rylee being so cute makes me wanna have babies with boyfriend but not yet. Can’t

  3. Anna Westin

    I´ve followed your blog from some time but never left a comment….until now. These photos and your outfit made me say that I love your style!



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