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Shirt – Anthropologie / Hat – Urban Outfitters / Shoes – H&M / Watch – Nixon / Pants – Studio 12 20

Yesterday Sam and I had to head up to LA for a couple work meetings.  I am doing some design work for a few specific clients and he had to pay a visit to our LA showroom.  We woke up at 5:30 (ouch), dropped the babe off with grandma, grabbed coffee at Pete’s (our addiction) and hit the road just as the sun was coming up.  I immediately reverted back to the “old me”…pre-baby, where I used to do this all the time.  It made me kind of miss my former work days and the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted.  Trust me, Rylee is well worth the sacrifice, but it was certainly nice to have a day like this…especially since Sam was with me.  We never have day trips together, just the two of us, so it was a fun change.

We had a bit of walking to do, so this is what I wore.  Comfy, casual.  I just got these fun new platform flats from H&M.  When I saw them, they reminded me of a tamed version of THESE that I love, but for a fraction of the price. Yay!  And I’ve been loving all of the colorful pants I have been seeing everywhere.   I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a mint pair…but I haven’t found a good fit yet (any suggestions!?)  I got these coral ankle pants from a local boutique called Studio 12 20 in Encinitas.  They have a whole loot of different colors….but I can’t seem to say no to coral these days.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  It’s raining cats and dogs here, which almost never happens, so we are enjoying our saturday in pajamas drinking hot cocoa.

OH…last thing.  Reminded by my post title…I wanted to share with you a blog my friend Jill started called Casual Friday. She is gorgeous (understatement) and has style for days. Check her out.



Hey guys!  If you remember a while back I posted about the baby shower invitations I designed for my own shower. (yes, I really did design my own invitations, as silly as that might sound!)  Well, I have had a number of requests to customize that invitation for various people so I have decided to add a few more variations to my shop.  This Baby Bird Invitation is the newest variation I have created.  It is available on my ETSY….and as always, colors are customizable to the scheme of your shower.  Also check out my Baby Bear Invitation.  This one is more woodland inspired and would be great to celebrate a little boy on the way.  All of these invitations come full package, meaning I print them for you….but they are also available as digital files only for those of you who prefer to print on your own!

On a side note…it was kind of a sad day for me when I realized that google decided to discontinue Google Friend Connect from all non-blogger websites/blogs.  That would be me (notice my  friend connect widget no longer on my sidebar).  It disappeared about a week ago.  I thought it was just a glitch until I did a bit more research and realized it was never coming back.  Boohoo!   So all of my near 1,000 followers on that platform…poof, gone.  But hopefully that’s not the reality and those of you who followed me on GFC are still here reading!  And if you ARE….be sure to head over to BLOGLOVIN….and follow me there.  I am kind of bummed that google made that decision as I know GFC was really popular for most blogging platforms, so I don’t really understand why they would get rid of it?  Anyway…i’m sure there are a number of you out there who had the same thing happen….but we will pick ourselves up and move on right! haha.  Really, it’s not the end of the world…just kind of a disappointment.

Here’s to a happier Monday!



Honestly….where have you been all my life?

Yes folks.  I just got an iphone.  I know I know, how behind am I!? I would have gotten one long ago if it weren’t for my hubby who is a simple kind of guy and doesn’t care much for fancy this and that (I kind of love that about him).  HOWEVER…when it came to my phone, I was long overdue for an upgrade.  Now that I have it, I’m not sure how I lasted so long without one!  haha.  I know deep down Sam feels the same way, but he would never admit it ;)  Anyway…here are a few insta pics of my week.  I’ll post these every now and then here on the blog, but if you are an instagramer…you can follow me at @kelli_murray.  The important part is that  little hash line in between.  Kelli Murray was already taken. Obviously, because I am like the last person ever to jump on the train.  But it’s already shaping up to be my latest addiction.  Oh boy.  I think I will be much better at this than twitter! ha.  Well, I am off to Seaworld with my sister and our kiddo’s.  I’m such a mom.

OH…and if you are into that yarn pom headband Rylee is wearing in the third to last photo, I have been a busy bee making those cuties for friends babies.  But perhaps if enough people are interested,  I will post some up for sale on my etsy.  I think I bought enough yarn to start a factory!  That big puff of yarn is quite irresistible on a tiny little head!


OK….so unless you’ve been sleeping the last few days you have heard all the buzz going around about Invisible Children’s latest documentary KONY2012.  Long story short…in 2003 a few friends traveled to Africa in search of a story.  And what they found shocked…and broke them.  They started a non-profit organization called Invisible Children with a commitment to try to help end the longest running war in Africa.   After 9 years and incredible progress in their mission, one major problem still remains.  The murderous rebel leader Joseph Kony has yet to be captured.  This is where we come in.   Their  2012 media campaign is to make Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice..  I could go on and on trying to explain the story and it’s importance, but what would be even better is for you to take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this captivating VIDEO.   I have no doubt you too will become a believer.  We each have a voice!  And together we can make a difference.   I hope you are as inspired as I am.