Well, it’ been one of those weeks! A whirlwind of projects and deadlines…late nights and early mornings.  I am officially spent! Talk about TGIF.  I think I need a vacation.  I’ve been dreaming of reliving our honeymoon in Cancun (literally…in my dreams) with the white beaches and room service and nothing on our agenda but each other.  I miss that.  It’s all quite euphoric in my mind.  (*sigh).   I get a little sad sometimes thinking that Sam and I will never have a trip like that together again, or at least in the way in which we experienced that one.  But perhaps that is the way it’s supposed to be.  Those memories I will forever treasure, but now we are building a whole new set of memories that includes not just the two of us…but 3 of us.  And in a way, that actually makes me feel proud.  Proud that we made this beautiful little human being and proud that we are on this journey together.  Yes, it’s a challenge.  And yes, I certainly have my days of missing my independence and, let’s be honest…selfishness.  But just one giggle from Rylee and every selfish desire is immediately wiped away.  I mean, look a that face up there!  How is it possible to love something so much?

Tomorrow we are going to take a short road trip to celebrate a close friends wedding.  It was only after having a wedding of my own, that weddings all of a sudden became very emotional for me.  Mostly because it reminds me of how incredible that day was for us, but I also think that maybe I am just getting more sentimental in my “old age”. haha.  Hopefully I can keep my blubbering at bay!  Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend.


  1. mary ellen

    Your baby girl is so cute!! I need a vacation too! i don’t have children yet but this reminds me to take time and dwell in the moments of just me and my hubs! :)

  2. teddi

    she is an utter delight! my friend sent me photos of her daughters seeing the atlantic ocean for the 1st time yesterday. i foresee a beach vacation with rylee & sam in your future. ;) have a grand time at the wedding.

  3. lindsay

    rylee is the cutest little thing. & i can totally relate to the longing for a vacation, but loving your inability to do just that. being a family brings great sacrifices, but also the greatest joys. i hope you have a great weekend and rylee giggles for you all along the way!


  4. Rebekah

    I completely understand I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with a new baby and it’s hard sometimes because we want to do fun things just the two of us but I would never give up my baby for independence, she more then worth giving up. I’ve become more emotionally as well but I don’t think it’s old age I think it’s loving others so much more then even yourself, it makes you understand what others are feeling because you have already experienced it.

  5. Vivian

    Rylee is sooo adorable! I think you’re right about weddings. I mean I liked them before, but after your own, you appreciate the effort, emotions, and significance even more! Hope you have a more relaxing weekend!

  6. abby

    my husband were JUST discussing how emotional weddings are to us now. i feel like i secretly renew my vows to him along with the newlyweds every time i attend a ceremony! {we went to a wedding this weekend too!}

  7. adele

    OMGGG!! your baby looks so cute!! <33




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