These days, I spend more time on the internet hunting down cute things for Rylee than I do for myself.  But I think if you were to ask any mother, they would probably say the same.  Little things are just so much cuter!  Needless to say, this roundup was a breeze.  I just ordered THESE for Rylee….but I literally want every single pair from VIBYS.

1. BG Star Full Length Tights  /  2.  Eleanor the Bear  /  3. Wovenplay featherband  /  4.  Little Lief Tie Romper in Gold  /  5. Cloud Shaped Pillow by Colette Bream  /  6.  VIBYS coral suede shoes  /   7.  EVA & OLI Vanilla Storage Box  /  8.  Pom Pom Cardigan

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  1. lindsay

    ain’t that the truth?! in the last 3 years since ive had ella, i think the only things ive seriously spent any time on looking for myself have been my wedding dress and accessories. shopping for littles is so much more fun and waaaaaay cuter!

    i always seem to pick things out with the idea in mind that when she looks back on her baby/toddler/childhood pictures, is she gonna think she was dressed by a crazy person or by someone with good taste? i know i look back sometimes and think, “omg, what was my mother thinking?”

    im sure we all have those, but in your case, i think rylee will be pleasantly surprised how fashionable her mom raised her to be! such cute finds… i love the pom pom cardi!



    oh my! oh my! so super sweet!! i love this.
    too bad you didn’t have a bebe boy…..because im sure i’d pretty much buy everything on your mini wish list for my little one on the way….July!

    love your blog. you are adorable!



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