So here it is, the secret to making your own yarn pom pom headbands.  And these don’t just have to be for your baby! I made one for myself with two poms and am a little shy to confess that I like to match with my daughter. Ha! You can see our headbands in THIS post.   I know at first glance it seems overwhelming and complicated, but I promise it’s not as hard as it looks!  Here is your supply list:


Let’s get started.


1 //  Take your cardboard and cut out 2 identical circles.  (I just traced around a mug).  The diameter should be just larger that the size you want your pom-pom to be.  Then cut out a smaller circle in the center of the larger circles.  For these inside circles, I traced around a quarter.  Don’t worry about your cut lines being perfect.  It is not going to matter much at the end.

2 //  Place the two circles together and cut a slit through both rings all the way to the center.

3 // Still holding onto both circles, begin wrapping your yarn around both rings, sliding your yarn between the slit that was cut.

4 //  Wrap evenly and tightly around the circumference of your circle.  For fuller poms, you can overlap your yarn more frequently.  For a bit looser of a pom, less overlap and thickness is needed.

5 // After you are finished wrapping, use your scissors and place the tip between the two cardboard circles and cut the yarn all the way around. This is probably the hardest part because you don’t want to loose any yarn while cutting.  A smaller pair of scissors would be ideal for this.

6 // Notice that your yarn is sticking out from both sides of your rings.

7 // Cut a length of yarn and slide it between your rings, knotting is tightly together.  You may want to repeat this process if you feel like it is not super secure.  Make sure the length you cut has at least four inches remaining after knotting.  You will use this longer string to fasten the pom-pom to the braided band you will create next.

8 // Now you should have a pretty good looking pom-pom!  Go ahead and remove the cardboard

*NOTE – If your pom-pom doesn’t look quit right, go ahead and shape it into the perfect circle with your scissors. (remembering not to cut those longer strands…you will need those later!)

9 //  Measure the circumference of your babies head.  Cut three pieces of yarn a 4 or 5 inches longer than that measurement (I like to be extra safe and cut it too long than too short) Knot it at one end.

10 //  Braid the three strands of yarn together.  An easy way to braid is to just tape the knotted end to a table.  That way you have some tension.

11 //  Take your pom-pom and with the two long strands you left uncut, tie and knot them around the braided band you just created.  I suggest attaching the pom off-center (not directly in the center of your braid).  Unless you want your baby looking like a unicorn with the pom right on the top of her head!  Just eyeball it to where you think it will lie right…either to the left or right of her head.

12 // Next, cut a small circle of felt to cover the knot behind the pom-pom.  Using your hot glue gun, glue the felt to the back of the pom-pom.  This is not necessary but it does help to secure everything and also helps the headband to lie flat against baby’s head.

*NOTE – I am showing you how to create this headband with an elastic backing.  If you don’t want the elastic backing or just want to forgo this step….instead of tying the pom pom off-set on the braided band (as noted in step 11), simply knot both ends of the braid together.  Making sure the circumference is exactly your babies head size.  Then just tie the pom-pom right over the knot you just created for the headband and attach felt to the back.  I found that creating it this way, the fit is not as snug and there is no room for baby’s head to grow! But it will work for a short time.

OK…you are on the home stretch!

13 //  Cut a piece of 1/4″ elastic to about 2″ in length.  Then cut a 3″ X 1″ piece of scrap fabric (in a color that coordinates with your headband!) To make it easier, you can iron a crease down the center of the fabric to make it easier when sewing.

14 //  Fold the scrap fabric in half along the crease and stitch it together on the raw edge.  Stay as close to the edge as you can.  Using a sewing machine for this is best, but if you don’t have one, you can also hand stitch it very tightly.  Once you have it sew, flip it inside out so that the raw edges are now on the inside.  Now you have a casing for the elastic.

15 // Take your elastic and pull it through your casing.  I used an Ezy Pull Bodkin.  Scrunch the fabric down so that both the ends of the elastic and the ends of the fabric both line up.

16 // Stitch down both ends.  Make sure that the fabric and elastic are stitched down together.

17 // Take both ends of your braided headband and stitch your elastic to each end.  Stitch back and forth quite a few times.  It probably won’t look perfect but we will fix that in the next step!  Just make sure the elastic is stitched very securing to the yarn.  And it looks best to use the same color thread as the fabric color you are using.

18 //  LAST! Cut 2 thin strips of matching scrap fabric (about 2 inches long).  On each side of the elastic, where the elastic meets the yarn….use your hot glue gun or fabric glue and wrap and glue, wrap and glue….until your stitching blunders and yarn frays are covered!  You did it! Sorry that was SO many steps! But it wasn’t so bad was it?

And in case you were wondering what they look like on a little baby dome? Pretty stinkin adorable.  Rylee only has about 25 of these in every color. ha!


Moss Green_Rylee

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