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A super simple DIY feather headband for you today!

I made a bunch of these for Rylee’s one year old birthday party.  Some for the babies and kids, and yes, some for the adults too!  There are endless ways in which to embellish them, but for this DIY, I am showing you how I created Rylee’s specifically.


– Metallic Rope Trip (or any decorative trim of your choice)  I found mine at my local fabric store.

– Feathers –  For this headband, I used goose satinettes and purchased them here.  But I also really love the guinea feathers.

– 3/4″ Elastic

– Felt

– Pom Pom Balls

– Glue Gun

– Sewing Machine and/or thread and needle.

1.  Cut a stripe of felt to your desired size for the front piece of the headband.  For Rylee, I cut it at 5″ X 3/4″.  Using your glue gun, start attaching the feathers to the felt, slightly overlapping each as you go.  I started with the center feather, and then worked my way across to either side.

2.  Once you have all of your feathers glued, snip off the bottoms flush with the felt so you can’t see them from the front.

3.  Flip your felt piece over so the right side is facing you and glue on your pom poms to the upper half of your felt.

4. Once the pom poms are dry, glue down your metallic rope trim (or other trim of your choose).  If there is any leftover felt hanging down from the bottom…trim that down so none of the felt is showing.  I had to use extra glue to secure both ends of the rope to keep it from unraveling.

5.  Create an Elastic Backing –  I cut my elastic to 14″ in length, leaving an extra half inch on each side for sewing.  I then created a coordinating fabric casing to go over the elastic.  If you don’t know how to do this, you can watch this video series to learn how.  OR, you can skip covering it with fabric and just use the raw elastic.  Sew your elastic backing onto the front feather piece at either end of the felt.  And there you have it….SO simple…and adorable!  You can also see a couple other variations I did here.


Welp.  Today was the day.  I can’t believe she really is one.  I feel like she was tiny for so long….and just recently, I have started to really notice her growth.  Every day I think “man, you ARE getting big!”  Part of me is a little sad to leave that baby stage behind, but more of me is excited to see more of her personality to shine through and to get to know her on a different level.  She has already changed so much in the last 6 months, I can’t imagine what she will be like at 2!  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  Anyway, we had a great time celebrating her with family and friends today.  We had a little party in the park, complete with feathers and moccasins and hand made teepees!  You can see some of the pics from today on my instagram, but more of the photos I will blog when I am back from Vegas (we leave for a short getaway early tomorrow morning).  I posted this picture of Rylee and I on my instagram this afternoon and actually got a bit of backlash regarding the theme not being “culturally appropriate”.  At first I was a little surprised that someone would even think of that looking at a single photo of a happy baby in a feather headband enjoying her first birthday…but then again, nothing surprises me TOO much anymore.  I just can’t see how decorating with feathers and a teepee could come across as insulting, to anyone? Wouldn’t that mean using anything, from any other culture, is inappropriate?  I think that would make for a boring world. Regardless, the theme made it a fun experience for all the kids and that was the whole goal anyway.  Hope you had a happy weekend too! Here we come Vegas! (please cool down a bit. thanks)

Pants – c/o PacSun  //  Sweater – Free People (similar)  //  Bag – Aldo  //  Jewelry – Urban Outfitters //  Sunglasses – ASOS  //  Shoes – Steve Madden

So…I officially have a new favorite pair of pants!  These printed skinny jeans from PacSun outshine any other printed denim I own.  And I probably own more than I should! They pretty much match with anything. And the price is a steal!  I don’t know if I have ever payed less than $50 for a pair of denim!  No wait, I retract that statement…I did buy these at Target, and they are pretty great too.  I also really love these polka dot jeans and these florals.  Cute, right!?Can we talk for a minute about how HOT it’s been! Summer came late!  We have no AC in our house but thankfully we catch a bit of that coastal breeze, otherwise I think we just might be puddles on the floor about now. Rylee has been scampering around in nothing but a diaper the last few days.  I kind of love that look on her. haha.  After her naps, the hair on the back of her head is all wet and her cheeks are all rosey.  It’s pretty cute, but we are definitely ready for it to cool down!

I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend….THIS weekend! Sunday Rylee turns one!  I’ve been busy making little odds and ends for her party.  It’s an indian theme (if you follow me on instagram, I am sure you already know that! ) I made a whole loot of feather headbands for the kids and am currently working on some feather and yarn tassel garlands.  I totally went into this not thinking I’d do much….just a small get together with friends.  Well, it’s still a small get together….but I have gotten a little over ambitious in the planning and decorating!  In another life, I would be an event planner…I love it that much.  But I guess there are enough parties to plan in my own life to satisfy that craving! (imagining a couple more kids down the road and we’ll have these parties X3!)  Sam is being a sport and helping me make a couple teepees for the party too!!  Can’t wait to share it all with you!  A couple DIY’s down the road too since I’ve made so much stuff the last few days. What are your weekend plans?  Hope it’s a good one. xo.



Well, it’s been one of those weeks.  Or last week was…and it continues to spill over to this week.  I’ve found myself worrying over a lot of things.  Work stuff, family stuff, life stuff.  Life has a way of running in circles like that doesn’t it?  There are times when everything seems to be going just right.  And then there are times like these where I’m just confused, and not sure which path to take.  I feel split in a million directions and am just a bit overwhelmed by it all.  Lucky for me, this little lady in the drawer keeps my head straight.  My worries quickly disappear as I watch her toss all my shirts to the floor and snug herself up in my dresser drawer….clapping and smiling in her success.  Sometimes I wish I could revert back to that innocent, child-like state of mind.  But I am lucky to be able to witness that in her….and to be reminded daily of the things that really deserve my attention.  The things that fill my mind with happiness and thankfulness rather than the things that fill me with worry.  I believe there is a healthy balance somewhere for both of those emotions….but choosing to live with hope and gratitude sounds so much better to me.