Tank, $19 – Gap Body  /  Skirt, $18 – Thrifted /  Sunglasses, $10 – Thrifted  /  Bag , $18  -Thrifted  /  Necklaces, $8 – H&M / Ring, $13  – The Oxford Trunk  /  Heels, $89  – Steve Madden

They key to an under 100 outfit is the “thrifted” portion.  As hard as I try, it’s near impossible to get an entire outfit under 100 dollars without including something that is a hand-me-down or bought vintage (cheap vintage that is!).  And the toughest part for me in keeping it under budget is the shoes.  SO…this is an under $100 look…minus the shoes.  Are we ok with that!? Hope so. haha.

I have had a new fascination with midi length skirts.  So when I spotted this one at the thrift store, I was sold at first sight.  I love the length and the nautical feel.  I think it’s a good transition piece into Fall. What are some of your favorite vintage/thrift shops….or just places for affordable fashion?  There are a few local thrift shops I like to check out from time to time, but San Diego is not the best when it comes to vintage.  I remember living in LA, there was a thrift shop at every corner it seemed.  I do miss that about living there!

….check back tomorrow!  Fun giveaway coming atcha!


  1. Kastles

    Love this look lady! The red is so wonderful on you! And yes fitting shoes into a under $100 is tough! I’m okay with it btw :)
    Thrifted pieces are the best and most unique! Hope you are having a great September so far!
    <3 Kastles

    • kelli

      Alie….it’s tough in SD…a lot of the time I head up to Longbeach or LA if i want to get decent thrifting done. But when I’m home, I like to go to the D.A.V in Oceanside, HOME in encinitas or just Goodwill.

  2. Christina

    I love the you included some thrifted pieces here, especially that skirt which is so cute. I live in Texas and found a pretty good store called Texas Thrift, but other places like Goodwill and Salvation Army can be good too. For thrifting, I think it’s more important to figure out how a store is set up that way you can get the most out of it- and you have to be willing to dig!

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  3. lacey

    this outfit is just super! i am a huge, HUGE fan of stripes. white stripes and red? seriously? could fashion get any better? just found your blog, and i love it!



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