So, I just had to share! Is this not the most amazing one year old birthday party you have ever seen!?  My friend Tori of Sitting in a Tree knows a thing or two about throwing a good party.  I was so excited when she asked me to design the invitations for her daughter Lucca’s one year birthday.  I just knew it was going to be amazing.  Winter wonderland theme meets flora and fauna!!?  Yes, please!

…yes, that’s my daughter trying to swipe the deer from Lucca’s cake.

Just to gush on Tori for a minute: she is one of the sweetest and most creative people I know.  Aside from being a creative genius herself, she has been one of the biggest supporters of my work, really, since the very beginning.  I remember meeting her for the first time at an art show I was a part of.  An art show she actually curated.  I’m not even sure how she knew about me or my art, but I remember just being really excited for an opportunity to showcase my work.  It was back in 2006 I think, and only the second real show that I had ever done.  From Tori, came countless commissioned projects and referrals.  And I think she is the person that has purchased more art from me than anyone else in history!   I’ll forever be thankful for that.  And i’ll always remember her being a part of my “beginning”.  Not to say that I have made it by any means.  But we’ve come a long way…..and i’m glad that today we are still a part of each others lives….supporting each other in our creative endeavors and celebrating new life in our little ones!  That Lucca Valentine is to die for.  Anyway….all this to say….I’m really thankful for friends like Tori, and all the people that have encouraged me and supported me over the years.  Including a lot of you readers who I know have been keeping up with me for a long time!  I so appreciate you!!

Photos by the amazing Studio Castillero.  A whole lot more can be found over on 100 Layer Cakelet


In other news….have you heard? Google is saying goodbye to google reader! More info can be found here. I’ve actually never used google reader myself, but I know it’s the go-to for a lot of people to keep track of their favorite blogs.  If you happen to be a Google Reader user, I’d suggest switching over to Bloglovin.  It’s clean, simple and easy to navigate.  You can follow me here!


  1. alycia

    I guess im not the only one who cant sleep at 5 am haha ! Love these pictures =)

    p.s. your dream catcher is finished! I love how it turned out!

  2. Anna @ IHOD

    Its a fairytale dream! Love the styling, the details, and the sweet sets of hands and feet:) Good friends are a treasure. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. Cassidy

    Ohmygosh, those antlers in the first image. Do you have any idea where she got that deer head!? AND THOSE INVITES! Come this summer, I need you to design my daughters invitations for her birthday :)

  4. Kim

    Wow, that is an amazing party :) but it makes sense looking at her wonderful work. Your little fawn invitation is adorable! That’s really cool that you have a friend a fellow artist in your corner :)

  5. Stephanie

    Hi there, how did you make the amazing garland? I have searched high and low on the Internet to find such a bushy garland but alas! No luck. Is there somewhere online I can find them? Or any tips?

    Thanks! :)



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