The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013 

One thing I love about this project (52 project) is that it pushes me to document our everyday life.  And it’s also a gateway to share a bit more about my family, so i hope you don’t mind!  It used to be that I only brought my camera with me if we were going somewhere out of the ordinary…or if it was a holiday or a special occassion.  But remembering that I have want to capture a new portrait of Rylee each week, reminds me to take it with me almost everywhere.  To capture not just the special moments, but the simple ones too.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to the beach.  We are beach people.  I’ve grown up with it, so to imagine not living near the coast is kind of uncharted territory.  We love every part of it.  The sun, the water, the sand….even the burn indicating you’ve stayed too long (or perhaps that’s just me).  It’s one of those places that I always feel God, and where I am constantly reminded of the beauty of his creation.

As I was looking through my camera to see what I captured from our day at the beach yesterday, my heart melted all over the floor when I saw that last one of Rylee sitting on Sam’s lap.  Sam’s not a regular member of this blog because he’s not big on getting his photo taken.  Most of the time I wish it wasn’t the case because I think he makes for a pretty good looking subject.  I might be bias, but I think he’s a babe. But it’s also something I ironically really love about him.  He is simple and genuine and never wants to make life seem fabricated or contrived.  Which, let’s be honest, happens a lot in the blog world.  Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we show our best sides and hide the ugly parts.  But i’ll tell you right now that even though I share mostly what is “pretty” here, our life is far from perfect.  We face challenges just like any other couple, we fight, we make up, but most importantly, we love.  At the end of the day, we know our love for each other will overcome any hurdle we face.  And I don’t just love him….I really like him.  There’s a difference, you know.  He makes me laugh, he encourages me, and he’s my very best friend.  I’m lucky he’s mine…and Rylee is lucky she’s his.  There is nothing sweeter to me that seeing the two of them together.  It’s no secret she’s a daddy’s girl through and through.

  1. Christine Evolving

    This is the sweetest post EVER! Your photography skills continue to thrive – keep it up missus! ps I am loving your grey cheetah-print skinnies #shopped your closet #they fit awesome-like.

  2. Kastles

    So sweet, the photos & your words. Jealous of your beach time! It snowed over a foot here after it had mostly all melted. Oh well, I should be use to it by now haha, it happens every year.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family!
    <3 Kastles

  3. Natasha

    Oh Kelli! I swear from the outside you seem like anything but ordinary people! You are all so gorgeous! And you are sooo talented! I love these photos! That last one is to die for xxx

  4. TJ

    That last picture just melts my heart!! What a little cutie! And her little bikini just kills me! ;)
    xo TJ

  5. Hannah

    Rylee is getting quite the chubby lil bikini bod! I love it. She and Jonah actually look quite a bit alike these days. I told Sam today that you guys should vaca in Colorado this summer so that you can snap some shots of my fam ;) And so we can get those two kiddos together for some mountain adventures!!

    • kelli

      we HAVE to Hannah! I miss you guys a lot and I think I might cry when I see what a big boy Jonah had become! *sigh…i wish we lived closer. And YES…Ry’s definitely got some chub going on now!

  6. Jennifer

    I am honestly not a big kid person, but your little girl and your family are just too adorable! I look forward to Monday’s and your portrait series posts of Rylee. Wishing you & your family lots of happiness!

  7. Diana Duran

    Last picture needs to be framed, so expontanous and lovely. I gotta ask again, what camera do you use, these are ver very nice pictures! :)

  8. Patty

    Hi Kelli, I’m new in your blog, when I found it I just love it!! I like the way you write and express about simple things in life. And love the way you care about your family, btw Beautiful pictures…

    Where did u bought Ryle’s hat? I just love it!


  9. kellyhicks

    I love simple life photos. I want to try to do more of it too. That one of Sam and Rylee is EVERYTHING, must be framed. I love the beach even though have never lived next to one. Someday perhaps!

  10. Amanda

    Daddy’s a babe. It’s amazing how when you get the wedding band in, they’re even cuter. Loveliest shots — it’s the little things.



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