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Kain top and thvm trousers via Loneflag // Cleobella fringe tote // Charlotte Stone copper slides (mint / papaya)

Yesterday we took Cru to his first doctors appointment and weight checkup.  He lost a few ounces, as expected, and ironically gained a couple inches (I think they must have measured wrong after delivery) haha.  This guy is long and lean, with the skinniest legs and tiniest butt you’ve ever seen.  Totally his father’s son.  Sorry Sam ;)  It felt good to get dressed and out of the house with my crew. Ahh, there are FOUR of us now!  I can already tell it is going to be an adjustment for me juggling these two, but I love them like crazy and am honestly looking forward to the journey.  I think at about this time 3 years ago when I was holding brand new Rylee in my arms, I was an emotional nutcase.  This time around seems strangely easy.  I might be retracting that statement in a few weeks…but I’ll ride it while it lasts!


  1. Emily

    WOW! You look like you’ve fitted into life with two so perfectly.
    I love this outfit too!
    Congratulations! x

  2. Brooke

    What a cute (and stylish) little crew! Looking very happy :) I am loving the clean simplicity of your look. Those pants are so chic—the zipper ankles are such a great little detail! And those shoes, well, they’re just perfect. Here’s to hoping your second time around stays easy!

  3. Sara

    How did u lose all your baby weight so soon? You look amazing. Cute family of four :) your kids are the cutest! Do you want more kids?

    • kelli

      I haven’t really done anything, just luck I suppose. We have always said we will take one baby at a time. So I don’t have an answer for the “more kids” question :) It’s a possibility.

  4. Tasha

    Oh Kelli! Only you could put together an outfit post a week after having a baby, and a) look amazing and b) not look like you just had a baby. Have you really already gotten back to your usual size? I can understand about the measurments being all over the place with babies. Cleo measured more at birth than at her two week check-up haha! xxx

  5. Giovanna

    Congratulations to you, Sam and Rylee on the birth of Cru. I can’t believe you made time for an outfit post and your slim-down is remarkable! You seem to have it totally together and I’m really happy for you. PS – I can already see that Cru resembles Rylee!

  6. Mariah

    I love this outfit! Huge congrats on the new addition. Mine littles are 7 and 4 now…seems a long time since they were that small, enjoy it! :)

  7. Elizabeth

    Wow! You look incredible. I didn’t look as good as you pregnant the first time around and I certainly don’t have the luck you do postpartum. Rock-it girl!!!

    Aren’t you in San Diego? We’re in Encinitas and it might be the pregnancy but I am COOKING! You couldn’t pay me to put on pants. You look fabulous with two.

  8. Sarah

    I am trying to wrap my mind around how you could possibly look like this right after having a baby! You look incredible, congrats family of four!



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