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Duster – Cleobella / Dress – Urban Outfitters (old) / Hat – Free People (similar) / Boots – Madewell

Hello, hello.  Yes, I am still alive. And here is an outfit from 6 weeks ago to prove it ;)

It was not my intention to neglect this space for as long as I have.  Sorry for disappearing on ya.  There have been many nights where I have tucked the kids into bed and sat down at my computer with every intention to write a blog post or two.  But in each attempt, my mind is just so exhausted and full of other to-do’s, that the thought of writing something worth reading, even writing at all, seems like a great task in and of itself.  I started this blog never imagining thousands of people would read it everyday.  It was a space I could put my own personal stamp on….a creative outlet that allowed me to share who I was and what I loved.  Before my kids came along, it was easy.  It was inspiring.  The community that came from it encouraged and motivated me to continue pursuing my creative dreams, and I did.  After Rylee, it became a little harder to keep up with.  And in the last 6 months, after Cru’s arrival (not to mention the launch of a brand new (second) business, Rylee & Cru), it’s become really hard.  The clothing line got off to an incredible start in November and has kept me insanely busy since.  I am currently working on our Spring/Summer collection for 2016!  I am still maintaining my etsy shop, taking on invitation jobs and other various freelance work.  One of my favorites over the last few months has been designing cards for Papyrus!  I am still doing DIY projects, I’m still creating new art, I still love fashion and discovering new and exciting brands and products….I am just not sharing these things here as much as I used to.  Sometimes, I feel sad about that.  I really wish there was more time in my day for blogging.  But the reality is, that in this season of my life, there just isn’t, unless something else is sacrificed. And right now, there is nothing else I am willing or able to sacrifice.

All that to say, I love you guys!  Thanks for being friends, supporters and encouragers over the years!  I will still post here as much as I am able, but don’t be disappointed if my updates are infrequent!  Let’s still be friends and stay connected! For the day to day, you can follow along with me on instagram!

my personal instagram – @kelli_murray

– rylee & cru instagram – @ryleeandcru



  1. Sharda

    Well I think its amazing that you manage to even do half of what you do..and always look so effortlessly cool and put together…I would love to one day see a ‘behind the scenes’ post or ‘a day in the life of Kelli Murray’? it is always so inspiring to see how other creatives manage to juggle a family and freelance career…. you seem to be doing a pretty fabulous job would love some tips….wishing you every success…xx

  2. Chelsea

    I truly believe that you are doing such an amazing job keeping up with all of the incredible things happening in your life and family right now. I’m so proud for you that you’re seeing so much success in all of your amazing projects Kelli! I too feel the pressure to constantly update but the reality of it is, some weeks are better than others and most nights I am way too tired to update the blog. Just know that we totally understand and it continues to be a pleasure to follow along no matter the frequency.

  3. Jenni Haikonen

    I am always completely inspired by your work no matter how frequent you post. :) And with all that you’ve got going on, I’m surprised you even have any time to write blog posts! The fact that you update the amount that you do is incredible. Keep focusing on those things that matter- I’m excited to see the updates on your projects no matter when they come.

  4. Coley Kuyper

    Thank you for this Kelli! You’ve been someone I’ve looked up to and been so inspired by since the beginning of your career. What always inspires me the most is how you continue to put what matters first, your family, your marriage… I’ve struggled to figure out how to make my creative dreams happen and now more so than ever with having 3 babies, but watching you continue to encourage me that it can be done! I always feel like it’d be so fun to just listen to your story over coffee together and learn from you face to face. Maybe someday :) haha. Thanks for being real about where you’re at and giving inspiration to so many of us.

  5. Tasha

    From someone who has always wondered how you do it all, I haven’t even questioned your absence from the blog. Sure I miss reading what you have to say, seeing the beautiful things you create and feeling jealous about your wardrobe, but as a human I know something has got to give. Keep up doing the amazing job you are doing of raising a family and growing your businesses. I’ll always check in to see how you are going.

    Lots of love xo

    Also can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next collection of Rylee and Cru (definitely hoping to make a purchase this time around).

  6. Kyla G.

    Hi Kelli!

    I just wanted to say that you have been such an inspiration and I’ve loved reading your posts over the years, I first came across your blog in 2008! You have been one of my favourite bloggers/mamas/inspirational ladies I’ve been following on social media. Thank you for sharing all that you do! I really look forward to your Papyrus collaboration & the new Rylee and Cru collection! I recently started blogging about my every (other) day experiences since becoming a mama in October + I ended my maternity leave and went back to work full time (at home, so my son doesn’t have to be in daycare); and I already feel like my blog is falling behind >.< So I can certainly attest to wishing for more time in the day to do everything we love!

    I'll still be checking your blog for posts, even if they're few and far between! ;)

    XO – Kyla Graham

  7. Helen

    You are superwoman and supermum! I have been inspired by your blog from the first time I came across it. I think it it obvious to anyone who follows you just how busy your life is- I’m a new-ish mummy to a five month old and heck it’s an achievement if I get the shopping list written let alone a blog, or run two business of be a mum, wife and freelance artist. You rock!! I Will enjoy your posts as and when you manage to get to it xx

  8. Kassandra

    Hey girl,

    So nice to see a little update from you! I can imagine you are a busy lady! I hope that your Papyrus cards will be available up in Canada to buy, that’s very exciting! You are a such an inspiration! I can’t’ wait to see the latest Rylee & Cru collection! I can’t believe how big Cru is getting! It seems like just yesterday we had our little newbies!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week!
    <3 Kastles

  9. Rachel

    I love the design of this stroller! It would be perfect to push my first baby boy around in. :)



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