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 Claudine & Ash Kalani Baby Bag // Ecote Carlin Romper // Sandals // O’Neill X Anna Sui Wanderer Kimono

These are some photos we took on our way out to Arizona last week.  7 hours in the car with two babies meant a whole lot of pit stops.  The kids were amazing up through hour 5….but those last two were filled with a lot of whining and “are we there yet’s”.   And honestly, I think Sam and I wanted to get there even more than the kids did! :)  But we made it to Sedona in one piece and just in time to catch the sunset….which was pretty incredible amongst all of the red rocks.  I got this new baby bag from Claudine & Ash and it was a life saver on the road.  I loaded it up with all the necessities: diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, first aid kit, blankets, ect. I’ve owned a lot of diaper bags over the years, and this one just might be my favorite yet.  It’s black (which is always my color of choice) and made of this beautiful, soft pebbled leather and trimmed with rose gold hardware. It has a ton of pockets and comes with a changing matt and the cutest matching nappy purse with a tassel zipper.  The purse is so cute I would honestly wear it as a clutch alone.  I was totally blown away by the quality!  If you’re on the hunt for a diaper bag, I couldn’t recommend this one more.  You can view all of their bags HERE.  You really can’t go wrong!


  1. Christen

    Good on ya for traveling with the kiddos!! Glad you guys are enjoying your time in AZ. You look lovely, as always ;)

  2. Samantha

    I am considering doing a fall pltainng schedule. I actually have a bunch of weeks already worked out, but I haven’t figured out how to coordinate it all yet. If I have time, I will be putting it together this fall.



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