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Top – Alli K Margot blouse / Ankle Jeans / sunglasses – SALT / Heels – Zara (similar)

5 out of 7 days of the week you’ll probably find me wearing black and white.  I’ve been trying to simplify my closet and de-clutter lately.  Every year I go through a phase where I feel like collectively as a family, we just have too much “stuff”.  And for me, that mostly means clothes ;)  But with two kiddos, toys are giving clothes a run for their money!  My rule is that if I haven’t worn something in my closet for over a year, it’s probably something I don’t need.  People usually do a Spring cleaning, but I guess my itch to purge is coming just a little late.  (closet sale coming soon btw!)  This top by Alli K is one of my favorite white blouses (in my ‘keep’ pile of course).  I don’t think you can ever outwear a good white blouse.  I love the length and the layered look of this piece, and it’s one of those great transitional pieces that I can dress up or down.

Photos by Shelby Clark


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