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Madelines Box X Rylee & Cru Giveaway!
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I’ve teamed up with Madeline’s Box for a fun giveaway for you guys today!  They just came out with these emergency contact temporary tattoos, which I think is one of the best ideas ever.  A simple tattoo watch with your contact info that will help you feel more at ease when you’re on vacation, in big crowds, or school field trips with your little ones!  They have a handful of fun prints and patterns to choose from!  Pictured above are two of my favorites from the Flower Pack Ash & Boot  collection.  They also offer some adorable temporary tattoo earrings.  I’m not sure about your kids, but Rylee is obsessed with temporary tattoos.  So she kind of freaked over these! :)  And of course, Madeline’s Box is best known for their beautiful leather braided pacifier clips.

Today, we are giving away a prize bundle that includes:

– 8 pack of winners choice of emergency contact temporary tattoo watches
– a set of temporary tattoo earrings (30 pairs of earrings, one for everyday of the month)
– 1 leather braided pacifier clip of winners choice
– $50 gift card to Rylee + Cru

There are a handful of styles still available from our Rylee & Cru summer collection, but if you are eager for our next drop, our winter collection will be available sometime in early November!

To enter to win, follow the prompts through the Rafflecopter below!  A winner will be chosen on Monday, September 14th!


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Me:  Glasses / Shirt / Pants / Shoes  //   Rylee:  Glasses / Dress / Boots (similar)

This girl starts preschool next week!! Ahhh!! It’s hard for me to believe I’m already a mom of a school kid!  I’ve been a little worried about how Rylee will cope with this new experience.  She’s definitely my sensitive soul and is not too keen on the unfamiliar.  We’ve had our ups and downs with Sunday school at our church….(lots of tears at drop offs) ….but the last few weeks have been really good, SO I’m hopeful that she will feel comfortable and optimistic going into this.  I think if day 1 is a good one, it will be clear sailing.  But if day 1 is a bad one, it might be a challenge!  Anyway, wish us (her!) luck!  Praying she will be brave and not let fear mask her true personality.

If one thing screams school girl it’s new specs, right?!  (even if she doesn’t really need them!)  How cute are these frames from‘s new kids collection called ‘Born To Be’ by Zooventure.  She is wearing the Zooventure 8014 Frame in Tortoiseshell.  And I’m wearing the Derek Cardigan 7001 Frame in Brown Tortoiseshell….and yes, I really need these!  So many cute styles (and great prices) for kids and adults.

Photos by Shelby Clark 

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Me : d.RA Calvin Romper / Strap Sandals / Lace Lover Wide Brim Hat / Love Tatum Sharktooth Cuff / Rich Hippie Design Necklace / Cleobella Hendrix Tote

Ry: Louis Louise Dress from Tiny People / Mini Guate Huarache Sandals

WHY is it always the hottest in September!!?  I remember last year I gave birth to Cru during the hottest week of the year.  We brought him home to sweaty, non air conditioned house, and I promised him life would not always be that awful :)  Our bodies just stuck together for those first few weeks of life.  And here we are, getting ready to celebrate his first birthday in a few days, and the weather seems awfully familiar.  There’s been a lot of nude babies running around my house ;)  …which, if you know Rylee, that’s not really anything out of the norm anyway.  I’ve been wearing as little as possible as well….mostly this d.RA romper on repeat.  Rompers are sometimes a tough buy for me.  They usually have to fit my body shape perfect in order for me to really love them.  What I like about this one is the loose boxy fit.  It feels a little bit like a dress when I wear it, but it’s got the perk of shorts :)  Which is a definitely nice as a mom who is constantly bending over to pick up a baby.  Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying the last days of summer!  Seems like it’s going to last for quite a bit longer for us!

Photos by Shelby Clark