Archives: July 2009


Today, I am filled with happiness.

I am engaged to my best friend…the man who makes me laugh more than anyone, who inspires me to pursue my dreams and treasure the beauty of each new day….who encourages me to be strong and motivated and comforts me when times get tough.  I am a lucky girl to call him mine.

Here is how it went down for those of you who haven’t heard:

Sam and I had planned on going to a surf movie premier at a small local theatre called La Paloma on Saturday night.  I had been working all day on new paintings for an upcoming show and was pretty worn out when it came time to leave for the movie.  I knew the film would be short and mellow so i threw on some jeans and a beanie and ran out the door with Sam….of course, we were late. As we sat there watching the movie,  both of us fought the “bobble head”.  Anyone who knows Sam knows that this is a common occurance….but I guess I was unusually tired from the long paint day.  After the film ended, we headed outside.  The sun was just going down and the sky was a deep orange.  I don’t know if there is a better place in the world to watch the sunset than in Encinitas over looking the ocean…and Sam knew it.  We did it often.

He grabbed my hand and we headed to the coffee shop to grab a drink before we walked to the beach.  We went inside and as I was looking over the menu I turned to ask Sam a question and he was suddenly gone.  “That was weird” I thought….but I figured he just went to the bathroom.  A few minutes later he came back into the coffee shop from outside with his coat on, a little out of breathe.  (It was like 80 degrees outside mind you).  He said he was just kinda cold so he had to run back to his car to get his jacket. hmmm. ok?  We got our drinks and walked over to the stairs by Moonlight Beach, overlooking the water.  I told him I didn’t really want to take a walk because I was really tired….but I didn’t need much convincing before I gave in….the night was too perfect.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs it was kind of ironic because there were fire dancers doing some sort of show…almost like it was meant for us.  We watched them for a bit and then headed the opposite direction along the shore.  We talked and laughed like we usually do on nights like this….but I could tell there was something different about him this night.  He had this smile that he couldn’t wipe…and as he started to slow down and drop to his knee, my heart stopped for a second.  He pull out of his jacket pocket the most beautiful ring (Vintage 1950’s white gold diamond ring)….one he picked out all on his own…and asked if I would be his wife.  I screamed a little….said “Yes” (duh) and jumped into his arms.  I don’t know if I have ever felt so much joy than I did at that moment.