Bam and I have had a good Saturday.  He is a good craft project partner, although his paws don’t handle modg podge too well. haha.

I just got a new bookcase for my living room and I LOVE IT! But it is huge….and empty.  Since I have recently become a little obsessed with vintage books, Sam and I took a trip to a few antique stores in search for some cool decorative books for the bookshelf.  We definitely found some good ones….but once we put them on the shelf, we realized we needed A LOT more.  Here is where I started thinking….DIY.



I took a handful of my more “modern looking” books and gave them a new face.  Or I guess you could say an “old face”.  At one of the antique stores I found a newpaper dated back to the year I was born, 1984.  It was yellowed and coffee stained and torn on the edges….so just perfect!  I also found an old hymn book from 1964 who’s paper I thought would look great paired with the newspaper.  I had some leftover burlap and ivory linen fabrics laying around the house, so with a few of the books I added labels with the fabrics.  All the supplies needed were mod podge, a bit of tacky glue, and a sponge stick.  Nothing fancy, but it gave my bookshelf a bit more of the vintage “used” look I was hoping for!

IMG_5864c IMG_5864

  1. brandi lisenbe

    i love this! we have a section in our office that i covered with brown paper bags and we have my grandparents old books mixed in.
    love the newspaper!

    oh and were you at coachella? i swear you walked right in front of us sat or sunday morning when we were on our way to get iced coffee.


  2. Leah

    your cat is so cute! i used to have a cat that looked similar to that.

    & that’s a really awesome idea for the books.


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