Right now I am L O V I N G OLIVER PEOPLES.   Early last year I splurged on my first pair: ZOOEY in brown- created in collaboration with Hollywood starlet Zooey Deschanel, whom I ADORE!  Ever since I have been eyeing their optical frames.  They have that retro styled “smart” feel about them….and who doesn’t want to feel smarter!?


I just got a discount card in the mail for $100 off a new pair! My lucky day! I think I just might take advantage!  What do you think?

….the SHELDRAKE / the  DANNIE / or the BARRIE !!??

OP womens OP mens OP optics

Oliver Peoples’ 2010 corky Campaign film ‘Les enfants sennuient le dimanche (The children are bored on Sundays), directed by Autumn De Wilde, featuring Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson (from Garbage). Soundtrack ‘Just You and Me’ by Zee Avi.


  1. anna

    I vote for the sheldrake. they are kind of awesome in crystal.
    I am in love with this site now. Thanks!

  2. Katie

    I LOVE them too! I am an optician and I just adore selling them! Amazing collection… and it just keeps getting better! -katie

  3. Anna

    I like that very much, its a neat clip. Everytime I see Elijah I cant help but think of Frodo

  4. Sunglasses Onstage

    Their designs are great, however their production quality has decreased in the last two years since Luxottica bought them. We’ll see how long Larry Leight stays at the design helm. Also, all of their new collaborations with such brands as Balmain, are really Luxottica deals made to sound fancier by including the OP brand name. Luxottica really makes some crappy glasses–lets just hope that OP maintains some sort of autonomy.


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