I think I have realized that innately I end up drawing myself every time I am not doing a commissioned illustration.  I honestly don’t intend to do this…it sort of just happens! haha. So I suppose than rather trying to come up with different characters for my lookbook (like Ella in my last post)…I might as well stick with me for the time being!  Maybe later I will branch out to illustrating some of YOU and your favorite looks and where to find them!

Well the weather here is finally warming up.  The turn from Spring to Summer is always my favorite.  My husband is a Winter guy, but I am a Summer girl through and through.  I think the sunshine makes me happier…and the anticipation for beach days, BBQ’s, bike rides, and otter pops! …remember those!?  I used to live off those and lucky charms! (what a healthy kid!)  This “little look” would be perfect for a day at coachella (road trip!…maybe next year!?) or to an outdoor street fair. I love those.

natalia comp jpg natalia

Where to find it:

1. earrings made by my dear friend Natalia – she is amazing.

2.  Loeffler Randall Bustier Jumper in Harvest silk linen

3.  Friis & Company Boston Headband

4.  Wendy Nichol – Black Diamond Devils Eye Cuff

5.  Secret Garden Collage by Lillianna Pereira

6.  Matiko Ankle Wrap Tie Sandal

7.  Piet Ring by Anthropologie

8.  Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote


  1. Helena

    these lookbooks are fabulous Kelli! you know I am a big fan of your work!! and the idea of guest post would be fantastic :)
    Love it, well done girl!! bring it on!! xoxo

  2. brandi lisenbe

    i love when you blog your creations! i love love love the drawings:)
    and the items.
    my hubby jacob loves to snowboard and would rather live in the mountains, but i want to live on the beach! which is why im taking a road trip to california next week!


    • kelli

      fun brandi!! you should really move to cali! :) we could be great friends! haha! are you guys going to make it to the Sezio show on June 12th?!

  3. Janelle Nelson

    SO CUTE Kelli! And I love how you gave her (you) a smokey eye ;)



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