All of us at Jedidiah have been big fans of SURFING THE NATIONS for quite some time now.  Surfing the Nations is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to humanitarian action, locally and internationally. Surfing the Nations is dedicated to preventing substance abuse in Hawaii, and also sends groups of volunteer surfers to developing countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Egypt, and Israel in order to promote the sport of surfing as a healthy alternative for youth.

Surfing the Nations believes that surfers are an untapped resource to serve our local and outer island communities. Their message is to influence the upcoming generation of surfers to “give back” by serving and meeting the needs of local communities.

Just a few weeks ago they held the 4th Annual Freedom Surf Contest.  This is an annual surf contest sponsored by Jedidiah in Queens, Waikiki, held mother’s day weekend. It is a two-day event, promoting “A Drug Free Hawaii”. In having this contest Surfing The Nations goal is to raise awareness of substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation issues in order to reverse the devastating affect that drug and alcohol abuse is having on the people of Hawaii.  Every year I have had the opportunity to design the contest t-shirt and (this year) poster for them. Surfing the Nations is an inspiration to me and a motivation to get out into my own community and give back. We all have something to offer.  See the video below to get a glimpse of the event!


Freedom Surf Contest- A drug Free Hawaii from Surfing The Nations on Vimeo.


Surfing the Nations has done a lot of work in Bangladesh over the years.  Gum for my boat is an alluring documentary that touches on the redemptive power of surfing and the work that Surfing the Nations is doing in Bangladesh. This short feature tells the story of how a group of underprivileged kids are making a difference in their community, and how the surf club they started is the catalyst for this change. This film was produced by the incredibly talented Russell Brownley and stars our very own Kahana Kalama :)

Gum For My Boat: Surfing In Bangladesh Trailer from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.

For more information and ways you can help visit SURFINGTHENATIONS.COM


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    you are so talented and its amazing that you are using what God gave you to bless others:)
    thanks for inspiring all of us!



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