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Meet my newest crush! Mr. OLYMPUS PEN

I want this camera….like really badly!  I have never been much of a photographer.  However it is something that I would LOVE to do, but ironically always seem to forget.  Why is that?  Maybe it is because I have the worlds oldest canon digital? Maybe.

It is not  my intention really to become a photographer….but just to have the ability to take a nice picture and document life.  Life which moves far too quickly these days.  Pictures are memories, and they last a life time.  I feel like I have been missing out somehow in not getting into photography sooner.

Anyway, this camera is just what I’ve been looking for. How genius to combine the photographic optics of an SLR and the size and simplicity of a point and shoot!  Does anyone have this?  I would love to hear how you like it!  Or if you have any advice in general about good beginner cameras!

Read all the specs and technical details, and see more photos of the Olympus Pen HERE.


I have caught it!  I don’t know why but lately I have been LOVING wallpaper.  I am itching to do a room in my house…I just have not landed on the print.  Here are a few of my favorite finds:


Their selection is to die for.  They have something for everyone…from quirky illustrated patterns to soft and tonal prints. Pattern Tales is seriously calling my name.

hermitage3 hermitage2 hermitage1 ribbon35


Another “go-to” for wallpaper.   (although I guess you could say they are a “go-to” in every department right!?).

There is just something about Sweet Pea…dark yet delicate.

he anthro1 he anthro2



Studio Nommo works with illustrators and designers from around the world, to provide inspirational custom made, design-oriented wallpapers and wall stickers.  So much to choose from!

studio nommo studio nommo2

And lastly! If you are nervous about covering an entire wall with a bold pattern….why not frame it?  This is the route I might go for my living room!  Now it is a matter of finding some cool large scale frames! Oh my, a home is an endless process isn’t it?

he framed


Lorena Barriento is the genius behind MARANON jewelry.  I just recently stumbled across her work while looking for a gift on Etsy…and needless to say, I feel in love.  She painstakingly embroiders each necklace, earring, and brooch by hand!  Using embroidery floss to weave smooth geometric patterns into bold shapes of various sizes.  The backs of her necklaces are lined with lace to give it that small feminine touch.  What a perfect combination!  Don’t you want just every piece!!?

maranon morosa2 morosa3

Amazing right!?  To get a behind the scenes look at how they are created visit her FLICKR account.

mara2 mara


After drawing this little lady the other night,  I thought I would do a fun little post on how to get her “LOOK“.  I just might make this a regular on my blog as I had so much fun doing it!

Yes….perhaps it is a representation of me…missing my old bangs…but for the purpose of my “Little Lookbook”, let’s call her Ella.   I usually draw my characters in clothes I would like to wear….and I think just about everything here are either pieces I own…or want to own!


thrift store junky . animal lover . book worm . fashion-ISTA
brixton look

Here’s where to find it!

1.  Brixton Drifter hat

2.  Oliver Peoples Sheldrake prescription eyeglasses

3.  Urban Outfitters Cooperative printed cardigan

4.  AG Stevie Skinny white denim pant

5.  Forever 21 Bow Graphic Tank

6.  UO bow cuff watch

7.  Elizabeth & James Swoon black leather wedge heel

8.  See by Chloe Funny Love Leather Satchel

Hope you liked it!  Maybe a bit down the road I can do this with REAL people with REAL style! Maybe a few guest bloggers even!?

Happy wednesday!


Here is the latest! My friend TORI who has been a huge supporter of my work over the years asked me to create a custom painting for her best friend Myka to surprise her with on her wedding day.  How fun!  Tori sent me all sorts of inspiration…all of which I was in LOVE with (it seems we share a similar style!).  Myka’s outfit was too cute for words : A short feather tiered dress by Aidan Mattox, a giant flower headpiece and a simple cotton bouquet! (her parents are cotton farmers!)

Below are some photos from Myka and Georges destination wedding in Careml Valley, CA shot by Melissa Diep.

For more pictures and the FULL SCOOP, visit Style Me Pretty.


Picture 3

Picture 1 Picture 3 Picture 2

Let’s take just a minute and swoon over this old rustic barn……

Picture 1

Tori propped up the painting at the reception for Myka and G to discover during the night, and Tori later told me that the surprise was met with screams, squeals, and tears!! yay!


Thanks Tori and congrats Myka!!  You are one lovely bride!!

Check out Tori’s blogs : SITTING IN A TREE and TULLE AND FEATHERS !!!