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Meet the newest edition to our family, Cooper Sterling Bailey. Born September 23rd 6lbs 4.7oz.  My little sis is mommy to boy #2!! How perfect is he!? Holding such a tiny thing makes me… #1. want one of my own, and #2. think about how amazing it is the way God created the human body.  Isn’t it just crazy to think those tiny little bones will one day grow to be “man-size”!? It just blows my mind. Well, you did good Ky, he is beautiful.

(I apologize for the trapper hat.  I couldn’t resist.)



WOWWW! Take a look at these dresses from QUAIL BRIDAL! I found out about the new site through one of my good friends who’s sister just got a job working as their sales executive! How amazing!

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my wedding was quite the challenge. (I am just now realizing it has almost been a year since Sam and I got hitched! Holy!) Well, the problem was that I wanted the PERFECT dress (expensive) for the PERFECT price (cheap). Not easy for the world’s most picky shopper!  If you never read my WEDDING DAY POST, you can find out where I finally found my bridemaids dresses for (cough cough…$38 dollars!). It’s true.

But back to QUAIL BRIDAL.  They make it EASY…and their styles are fresh and affordable.  They offer both wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses in an array of coordinating fabrics and colors.  Are these not the CUTEST!?!  Why need to be a bridemaid!?  I want the PARISIAN DRESS for myself for the next party I have to attend!


PANELS RECAP from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.

On September 18th JEDIDIAH teamed up with WE LOVE CREATIVITY and DJ Here to host a live art event to benefit Invisible Children. It went down at the Ivy Hotel in downtown San Diego. We raised over $1,300 for Invisible Children through the sale of panels taken directly from the wall, donations, and merchandise.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the “live” installation (I was away in Mexico soaking up the sun with my girlfriends celebrating one of my best friends bachelorette party…i know, what a bummer. Ha!) BUT I was able to throw down a character on one of the panels the night before I went away on my mini vaca. See if you can spot her! (clue: It is by far the girliest portion of the mural!)

Artists Include:
Monstrinho, Kelli Murray, Tocayo, Nick McPherson, Eric Wixon, Neko, Brooks Sterling, Sam Larson, and Skye Walker.


Tonight is the night of the Super Harvest Moon! It’s the first time in almost 20 years that the stars have aligned for an event like this.  (crazy right!?)  So look out your window, it should be epic!


Goodbye Summer.  Hello Fall! Time to break out your scarves and boots and tights…oh my!

? ? ? Can you tell I’m excited! ? ? ?  Here are some “autumn-inspired” goodies.

Bow scarf by Emmadime, Leaf headband by Love, Taza – Photo by Rebecca Reed, Bag and Clogs by Free People

Fall Collection by Gary Graham