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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to start my own greeting card and stationary line.  I think my first art inspirations actually came from stationary lines like Suzy’s Zoo & Precious Moments.  So cute, right!?  I wanted to do what they did, and it’s a dream I still hold today.   I remember growing up, I would never allow myself to buy a card for someone…I had it make it!  With every card, I “trademarked” the back as Kelli’s Kards.  Yes, Kards with a K.  I thought I was clever.  Well, here I am today taking my first baby step in the card business.  I picked out a few of my favorite illustrations that I thought would lend themselves nicely to a greeting card and just went for it.  I unveiled the new card designs at my art opening a few weeks ago (pictures still coming soon) and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction…and sales!  Now I just want to keep making more!  But for now,  I still have stock of these designs and they are now available on my ETSY store for purchase.

All the cards are printed on acid free archival paper and come with a contrasting paper bag envelope.


This is my first ever assorted “BOX SET”.  I created these with a winter theme in mind and sold them before Christmas at my solo show “Dreamer” (they make for a good christmas card).  However, in designing them, I wanted to make sure that these cards could be used any time, (not just at christmas), so there is no “ho ho ho” or “happy holidays” to be found.   Only a sweet illustration and a blank white inside to say what you wish.  These too are available on my ETSY.  Included are 8 assorted cards and 8 contrasting paper bag envelopes.  Sealed in a box and wrapped with baker’s twine.



In the spirit of all things paper, I decided to also try out some simple paper prints of a few of my designs as well.  I realize that the higher quality canvas prints that I currently sell on my store are a bit expensive for some of my customers who are interested in buying something (but just can’t swing $65).  SOOO…I thought i’d try out some smaller price point prints for you!  I am offering 3 designs in 8″ X 10″ and 3 designs in 11″ X 14″.  And lastly….I  have a couple magnet sets for sale.  I thought these would be just a fun little addition to the shop.  I was happy when I tested out my first magnet yesterday on my fridge and it had “super strength” (none of that weak, barely holds a piece of paper stuff!).  I hope you like it!


“Fancy Living” 8″ X 10″ paper print

Rooted in Love A2 Card Set

“Dreamer’s Awake” 11″ X 14″ paper print

Winter Dreams Magnet Set & “My Beloved” 11″ X 14″ paper print

“Wishing” A2 Card Set

“You & Me” A2 Card Set & 8″ X 10″ paper print

“OH HELLO” mini note cards with contrasting paper bag envelope.

Dolled Up Magnet Set

Lots of love to you.


FREEDOM! No more work through Christmas!  I am actually sitting with my hubby and his family in a cozy cabin in Boulder, CO right now.  This will be my first Christmas away from my family! It’s a little strange, but I am happy to be sharing it with people I love so much.  Sam has three sisters who I adore and all their husbands are equally as wonderful.  We were hoping for a white Christmas in Colorado, but when our flight landed this afternoon there was not a snow flake to be seen.  Boo!  Apparently tomorrow we might get snow…so I am crossing my fingers.  It is not allowed to be this cold with no snow! Tomorrow a little ice skating is in order…. in which Sam will most likely show off his hocky skills and I will wobble about trying not to fall.  I am actually really excited….I live in San Diego and we just don’t do these things.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by the people you love.  Thanks for reading my little blog, I am so thankful for all your kind comments and encouragement.  I will be back in full blog force soon.  I promise.  This holiday season has been a crazy one.

Here is my latest outfit.  I just wore this shirt in a “look” not too long ago. Sorry for the repeat.  Red and green backdrop to celebrate the cristmas spirit.  OH JOLLY!

Photos by JOIELALA


Christmas is SO CLOSE!! And I am just getting to wrapping all my gifts! It really is the best time of year isn’t it!?  I found some cute little printable gift tags online that I am going to use to label them…and I thought i’d share them with you in case you too wanted to create your own little tags. I think next year I will offer some of my own free printable tags for you to download! Sadly…I am just too late this year!  It has been one BUSY month!  I apologize for my lack of posts recently. I am been so swamped preparing for my art show, “Dreamer”,  but now that that is behind me, I will be back at it!  Thanks to everyone who came out on Wednesday night to support me!  I felt a lot of love and had such a great time meeting new friends!  I will post pictures soon of the installation for those of you who couldn’t make it or who just live worlds away! But for now…enjoy these little christmas cuties.

Now I am off to celebrate my sister Kerri and her soon-to-be husband at their rehearsal dinner! Tomorrow is the big day!!

cute little girls by MAYI CARLES

Forest Set by TABITHA EMMA




Yes, It’s true.  And I’m freaking out over it a little bit.  You see…I signed up for this about two months ago thinking it would be PERFECT timing….just before Christmas and a few days before my sisters wedding (so family would be in town and everyone would be able to come!)  Well, little did I know how hectic work would become and how busy the wedding events and projects would keep me.   Anyway….it’s less than a week away and I’m still working!  But I think I just might pull it off in the nick of time….maybe given a few all nighters, we will see.  But I’m excited about what i’ve been cooking up!

The exhibit is taking place at the Habitat House….a lovely house in Golden Hill bought by the creative folks at SEZIO. They bought the space with the purpose of showcasing rotating artists and musicians throughout the year.  I am excited to be the first artist in the house for the DEBUT ART SHOW!  If you are in or near San Diego this upcoming Wednesday….I would LOVE to see you!  I ‘ve got big vision’s for the show and they are allowing me full reign to install!  eek!!  My favorite part!  Think hair braids, winter sweaters, log cabins and fuzzy animal friends….hope to see you there!

Read an article about the upcoming show HERE on San Diego 2Night.

The start of my first braid.  So much more to come.

In other exciting news!  Today is the day to announce the winner for the FANCY TREEHOUSE flower crown GIVEAWAY!  Lucky miss Lainey from LAINEY TURNS THE CAMERA ON… have won!  Congrats lady….you will be receiving your pretty crown shortly!


STUDIO VIOLET is back at it again and just in time for Christmas!

They have just published their MR MUSTACHE BOOK and it is available on their SHOP now in english!  I just love anything that Camilla and Elizabeth put their hands on!

Winter/Christmas offer:
If you buy our Mr Mustache book November 3 – December 26 you can get a Circus Violet
and The Gang 2-pack print or a Mr Mustache and The Headhunters 2-pack print for $9.
That means – The Mr Mustache book + optinal 2-pack prints for $40!


Camilla Engman’s 2011 CALENDAR !  swoon!