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Have you heard of DARK DARK DARK?  Well, you should. The Minneapolis-based five piece band has quickly become a regular on my daily music rotation.

Sadly, I was not able to attend the intimate show they put on at the Habitat House in December….but I wanted to at least share the footage.  Perhaps you recognize the art in the background? Yes, still hanging in the house was my installation for my solo art show “Dreamer”.  What a lovely band to have play alongside my work.

Check out their new LP Wild Go on itunes. So good.

Dark Dark Dark ? Daydreaming from Brandon Tauszik on Vimeo.


I didn’t think I’d ever be one of those girls who got free clothes for having a blog….but go figure.  What a happy day when I came home to a package full of free loot from CLUBCOUTURE.  I am IN LOVE with my nautical inspired jumper! I paired it with a sheer floral blouse I picked up from Urban Outfitters and my (super old) Nine West black velvet heels.  Those things have gotten some love over the years. And lucky for you, CLUBCOUTURE was kind enough to offer all of my readers 15% OFF of their  purchase!  Just enter the code CCBLOG15 at checkout!  Happy shopping!

Nautical inspired jumper via CLUBCOUTURE, Blouse - Urban Outfitters,
Watch - Nixon, Shoes - Nine West, Bag - F21, Hairpiece - Handmade.

Photos by JOIELALA



I know this has been done a thousand times, but it’s always interesting to me to learn what other people consider “must-have” beauty products.  (what a funny word, “Beauty Products”…all those things that make us BEAUTIFUL right!?)  I decided to show you “What’s in the bag” for me, in hopes that some of you might have some tips or products to share as well!   What do you love?  What is your “MUST-HAVE”?

Here is my daily make-up roundup.

1.  KATE SPADE Cosmetic Case – This is on it’s way to me and I am SO excited!  I have had the same make up bag since high school.  Yes, gross. I love this print.

2.  LANCOME Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss – This is my “everyday”.  I have like 8 tubes…one for each purse. ha!

3.  URBAN DECAY Naked eye Shadow Palette – If you are into neutral shadows….this is the way to go.  It has twelve shades to choose from.  All I ever need.

4.  MAC Lip Pencil, Red – Only worn with my Ruby Woo Lipstick (below)

5. MAC Matte Lipstick, RUBY WOO – I can’t get enough of this lip color. I am wearing it in the photos above.  I used to be very afraid of using any sort of lip color….but somehow the boldest of them all has become a new favorite.  I think I just had to get past the initial shock of what I looked like at first.  It’s a bold move! But you might grow to love it!

6.  LAURA MERCIER Liquid Foundation – One of my best friends works as a make up artist for Laura Mercier and she has got me hooked!  It is a bit of a splurge, but their product speaks for itself!  Their liquid foundation is the best I have found yet. It’s so light and smooth.  Not so thick to where it FEELS like you are “wearing make-up”.

7.  LAURA MERCIER Mineral Powder – Just a few dabs on top of the liquid foundation and I am good to go.

8. L’OREAL Voluminous Black Mascara – I always go for cheap here.  I feel like they are all the same.  Prove me wrong :)

9.  NARS Bronzer – LOVE! Gives me just a little added glow being the white-y that I am.

10. MAC Fluidline Eye Liner – I always had a problem with eye liner pencils smearing after an hour or so.  MAC fluidline lasts longer than any pencil I have ever tried.  You have to make sure to bet the right brush with it though.

11. LAURA MERCIER Secret Concealer – The best secret.  Helps with those ugly dark circles under the eyes.


I’m not sure what happened to winter, but I certainly can’t complain about the weather the last few days.  It feels like the middle of June here.   I don’t know if you are at all like me, but the sunshine makes me happier. Maybe it’s the vitamin D soaking into my skin, but it never fails to brighten my mood. I’ve been sick on and off the last few weeks with nausea.  The sunshine has helped.  It kind of comes and goes all day…sometimes really strong and sometimes just that dull, gross “i kind of want to vomit” feeling.  Really nice picture…i know.  I have four weeks to go before my first trimester is over and I hear after that you should start feeling good again.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  They say my baby is nearly an inch long now….but I still don’t have much of a bump.  It is bound to make it’s debut soon enough though.  I’ve been following along week by week with BabyCenter’s email updates.  Basically, you can plug in your due date and it updates you each week with the development of your baby and important tips and information you should be aware of.  Pretty cool.  Right now my baby’s heart finishes dividing into four chambers, and the valves start to form — as do her tiny teeth.  Organs, muscles and nerves are kicking into gear and the external sex organs are there, but  won’t be distinguishable for a few more weeks.  I can hardly wait til that day!   It is all starting to feel VERY REAL!  Anyway, enough baby talk.  I didn’t even intend to talk at all about that on this post, but I suppose it is consuming my life right now!  ….Here’s my latest LOOKBOOK post.

I am in love with my Dolce Vita Shoes.  They are skyscrapers (to my standards) so I have to be selective as to where I can “realistically” wear them.  Thank God they are a platforms, otherwise there is no doubt I would need assistance in walking.  Ha! I have never had a shoe scream my name as loudly as these did!  Have you ever had that happen? What clothing item screams YOUR name?  I’d love to know!

Tights - ASOS, Skirt - F21, Graphic Tee - Jedidiah, Leather Jacket - Urban Outfitters,
Shoes - Dolce Vita, Glasses - Oliver Peoples

Photos by Michael Chen


Aren’t these two the cutest?  They are getting their vows renewed in September and I just finished their Save the Date. I wanted to share the illustration.  Sarah’s ‘real-life’ dress is STUNNING!

But sorry people, I am not taking on new custom save the date or invitation projects for a while.  I will be sure to let ya know when I am back at it!


I am sorry….this took too long.  I thought i’d have some better photos of the opening of my Solo Show “Dreamer” to snag, but no luck.   Here is what I snapped on my own.  Sadly, I don’t have a full view shot of the entire space complete, but hopefully you get the idea.  The Habitat House was the perfect venue for my first solo show.  It is small, intimate and inviting.  The main wall that I had to work with was a pretty decent size.  About 24′ X 10′ I would say.  I recruited my husband to build me some whitewashed wood panels using old recycled wood to use as backdrops….(adding to the whole cabin theme I was going for).  I LOVED the way they turned out.  We actually  have a few hanging in our house now!  I also hand painted huge braids across the wall, from floor to ceiling.  It took a while, but the final outcome made it all worth it.  In the center of the wall I spelled out the words DREAMER, using nails and thick yarn….just weaving it tightly along the nail path.  (I just might use this idea for my ‘one day’ nursery.)


I had a handful of one of a kind tee shirts printed.  (it’s nice working for a company with a screen print factory sometimes!)  All of them were gone by the end of the night!

right photo:  ‘ANTLER GIRL’ original framed illustration- sold  / ‘FOXY ‘ original framed illustration – sold

‘STAY CLOSE’ – sold

Art prints available on my ETSY!

‘POLAR – 11″X11″ /  ‘HELLO DEAR’ – 11″X11″ (sold)

“WINTER DREAMS’ Original Framed Illustration

COZY – sold / HOME – sold

Contact me for prices!  xo -Kelli