Yayyy! It’s finally up! VANS contacted me a month or so ago asking if I would be interested in being their “VANS GIRL SPOTLIGHT” for January.  How could I say no!? They sent me a bunch of free gear and I had my girls from JOIELALA snap a few pics of me in one of the looks I put together with the clothes.  I am wearing their Onyx Leggin, Pom Pom Squad Beanie, and super comfy Notion Pullover.  I love it ALL and I’m so honored to be featured on their site! Of course, I added a matching illustration to accompany the feature!  Check out the full post HERE.

And no, these moccasins are not Vans.  But they are my favorite shoes at the moment and I will not take them off my feet until I am sick of them.

Not yet.

Photos by JOIELALA


  1. brandi lisenbe

    look at you! that is awesome kel! we have those mugs and i get them for all my newly wed friends who drink coffee.
    where was this photo taken? so pretty!

    • kelli

      Thanks Brandi! These photos were at a park up in Carlsbad….but it felt more like Wisconsin :)
      Tiff – I’m almost 8 weeks. No belly to show off yet.

  2. Ashley

    This is awesome! And I have those same kind of moccasins! I got them about 3 years ago at this leather shop my parents used to get their moccasins from in high school! love them! they are so comfortable and cute

  3. noor

    kelli where are ur moccasins from??
    i’ve been looking for a perfect pair for so long but they’re always so badly made i can’t stand wearing them..

    • kelli

      They are from a small moccasin shop in Eagle River, Wisconsin! But I think if you just google minnetonka moccasins, you’ll find a bunch of options!



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