Ok ok…I’m ready.  Most of you guessed it from my hinting of a “BIG SURPRISE” on my post last week, but the rumors are TRUE! I have a baby growing in my belly!  Trust me, it came as quite a surprise!  Sam and I were not exactly “trying” but we really could not be more excited with the news.  While we were on Christmas vacation up in Colorado I came down with bad case of altitude sickness, so I thought.  Nausea, dizziness, headaches….which I assumed would pass when I got home to San Diego.  But when our flight landed and I was walking off the plane feeling just as nauseous, I thought to myself “what if….?”.  One quick stop at the drugstore later, we’ve got a double lined POSITIVE pregnancy stick. (5 actually, I just had to make sure.) I cried for a while, out of shock and happiness and fear and confusion…I had a lot of emotions running through me.  But once I settled down and thought about what just happened, I smiled, and thanked God for the plan he had, and has, for my life.  HE knows me better than I know myself, and I know this little baby will be the biggest blessing I have ever known.

This photo was taken at my first doctors appointment a little over a week ago.  I didn’t think they gave you an ultrasound on your first visit, but luckily Sam came with me to the appointment and together we were able to see our little “blueberry” on the screen.  We even got to see it’s tiny heart beat, which was just a faint flicker on the monitor.   It was all quite surreal.  Even now, it is still hard to believe I am actually pregnant.  Although I suppose I can “believe” it because I certainly feel all the symptoms.  I have a new found respect for all you mommy’s out there.  Working full time while fighting this all day nausea is, well, kind of awful.  The only thing that makes me feel better is eating. (which seemed ironic to me at first because in the past when I was nauseous with the flu or something, the LAST thing I wanted to do was eat).  I guess when your pregnant it is just the opposite.  So the last 2 weeks have been a food frenzy around here.  Sam was laughing at me the other night and said “I kind of like this Kelli!” Alluding to the large portion dinners and constant requests for take out.  One night, I ate a whole box of cereal between 10pm and 7:30am.  Now that was not a fun night, a bit embarrassing to admit actually!  Hopefully this will slow down after the “sick stage”.  I hear around the 14th week.  I am at 8 which means 6 more to go. uhhh. Lord help me.

Typical me, I have already started an inspiration folder for my dream nursery and tiny baby clothes that I WILL be buying. Haha.  Believe it or not, it’s even more fun than shopping for myself!  Here are some of the rooms I’m drooling over.

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  1. Emily

    Congratulations, that is so exciting!
    And I especially love the first room, I’ve never seen a crib like that before!

  2. Chelsea

    Oh my congratulations ! I can’t wait to see pictures of you going through this pregnancy, the decorations, and seeing how phenomenal of a mommy you’ll make!!!!!


  3. Ilana

    Kelli! Oh I am so absolutely overflowing with joy for you guys!!!!! :) :) :) That’s such a blessing, gosh the miracle of life! Cannot wait for a little bean in my belly one day (wouldn’t mind it anytime soon!) but will have to wait till the man has finished his final year of study. Oh boy, can’t wait to see your posts evolve this next nine months to illustrations for the baby room and beautiful fashion posts with your growing baby!

    Congratulations!!! x

    • ifk kredit rechner

      My favorite project was probably the basket weave sweater vest I made for my grandfather for Christmas. It was a lovely shade of medium blue, and the stitches really stood out. The best part is that he now wears it nearly daily!

    • hausfrauenkredit ohne schufa prüfung

      bubblesFebruary 20, 2009salam…bukan tak understand ngan keja en.sham,tapi boring la,tiap kali masuk blog en.sham tak dak new news..hope en.sham cepat2 la update blog..and rasanye tak terlewat lagi saya nak wish happy birthday to u..hope ALLAH blesing u always..anyway nanti cita la cikit experience kat kem gemas..GAGAG..SETIA..

  4. Brooklyn

    Kelli—-what wonderful news. Thrilled……

    Four years ago I was dreaming up space for our first little girl. It included a special piece that you painted just for her. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed.

    I love the dream nurseries you’re drooling over. You may want to get a bib. There’s a lot more drooling to come. Wait until you actually get to tear that room up with smiles, laughter, tears, and of course….a small human that looks a little like you–a little like him—and a lot like love.

    Love from us…..prayers too….

    P.S. Thanks for the minnetonka inspiration. I’ve been looking for a pair of anti-hipster boots for awhile. Those fit the bill. I should be getting a lighter pair in the mail this week.

  5. Amber

    I knew it!!! I am soooooo excited for you and Sam. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I can’t wait to read about this incredible journey you’re on right now! I am thrilled to see all of the exciting baby fashions and decor that you’re going to dream up!


    Over-joyed for you doll!!


  6. Julia Gentry

    I just wish I was there to squeeze you and this new little baby on the inside of you! You are going to be a GREAT mom and I cant wait to meet the baby Kelli or Sam!

  7. Carly

    I love that all of your nursery ideas are so natural looking – I think that’s good for babies. And, it’s good for mommy and daddy to be noisy/blinky toy free! =)

  8. Crystal

    So excited for you guys! Pregnancy comes with so many emotions, highs and lows, but the process is a miraculous and beautiful one. Embrace your changing body and eventhough life will change, really not that much. Your heart grows bigger for your partner, the world and life. YOU WILL BE AMAZING!! Have no fear! You are strong and beautiful and so will the new babe. xoxox Crystal A.K.A. your Canadian friend

  9. Kerti

    Oh yay! I’m so happy for you!

    Your baby is going to have the coolest mom on the block! Congarts from estonia! :)

  10. brandi lisenbe

    YAY!!!!!! this is awesome! You are going to be the best and most creative MOM ever! I cant wait to see what you do with the nursery.
    I love rooms 1 and 3.

  11. Amy

    Even though I don’t even know you/I’ve never even commented on your blog before, this post made me SO happy! Congratulations!

  12. Lainey

    Aww, Kelli!! That’s the best news! Congratulations. He/She is going to be such a cute little bundle of joy for sure.

  13. Ahna Childress

    Congratulations Kelli! So excited for you!!! I cant wait to follow your style through your pregnancy & see what kind of amazing things you do with that nursery! Its bound to be all kinds of radness :) You are going to be such a wonderful Mommy! Enjoy all the stages…each one goes so fast.
    Big hugs xx Ahna

  14. Bailey Mobley

    Kelli! How exciting for you! A whole new chapter of your life! I cannot wait to see what a fashionista momma-to-be you will be–make sure to post all of your fabulous outfits! :D

  15. Lynn

    many heartfelt congrats to you and your handsome one, sam! i’ve been super caught up on your lovely blog, paging through all it’s goodness and glad i didn’t glance over this post b/c it’s such BIG news. awe, little “blueberry” is so teeny. your insp rooms choices are stellar!

  16. staceypa

    oh big wow that is so amazing I had a little guess that might be your big surprise. I am so pleased for you both and I know that you are going to have one seriously cool looking baby (and room by the look of all these pictures!) xxxx

  17. Katyha

    Oh Kelli…so sad I am late with this but a big congratulations to you just the same. It is really hard the first months but it soon passes and it will be a faint memory once that bub is in your arms. Congratulations once again, lots of kisses and hugs to the new mama.




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