Hello everyone!  I am Kyleen…Kelli’s baby sister…here to inform you on how I get Kelli’s hair so white…what an angel she is with her glowing hair! haha! No one rocks it better!

First and foremost I must say NEVER EVER try getting this color yourself at home!  Leave creating this look to the professionals!  I say that because platinum hair is VERY delicate and you have to really know what you’re doing in order to minimize damage and have healthy beautiful platinum locks.  So what I tell you in this post is for you to tell your hairstylist !

Ok here we go… so what I use on Kelli is a violet based lightener (aka bleach) with a 20 volume developer (i use wella blondor…but there are many kinds out there).  Your hairstylist will determine what the best volume for your hair type is.  I apply it to her roots, and her roots only, and let it process about 25 minutes….again your hair type determines processing time.  After I shampoo the color, I apply a toner.  Remember that word…TONER…to tell your stylist because you’re never get it platinum without it!  The toner I use is Paul Mitchell’s UTP (ultra toner platinum) with 5 volume.  I focus the application on the roots then pull it through the rest of the hair toward the end of about a 5-10 minute processing time, then I condition. I like to leave the toner on until Kelli’s hair takes on a violet hue.  So not to worry, if your hair has a purple-ish tint when it glistens in the sun when you leave the salon just wash it once or twice and it will be the perfect color!   OR if you’re anything like Kelli and kind of like this ashy hue…pick up some purple shampoo from you local beauty supply store!  You can use this every now and then at home to keep your hair looking extra white.  If your hair is not already blonde enough to just do a root touch up, then getting it to be platinum can potentially be a LONG process.  If your hair is colored dark, then it could end up taking a year of getting your hair lightened every month to reach your goal.  If you push and try to lighten it too much and too quickly you can seriously damage your hair, so patience is key.  So I hope this helps all you platinum hopefuls out there!

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  1. Meli

    Okay, ya’ll are TWO sweet….love it! Wish I could rock a platinum…heck, I’d take a blonde. But, no can do on this raven head!!!!

  2. ediot

    you two look amazing and these inspiration shots are beautiful as well. i wanna dye my hair platinum as well!

  3. Lainey

    Aww, this is amazing. You and your sister are so amazingly cute, Kelly! I wish I could do platinum. But alas, it’ll never happen with these black roots. :)

  4. krust

    Love the way platinum looks in braids! I’m not sure I could keep up with the maintenance that platinum would require on my dark roots :/ But, I always admire those who can! And you’re hair always looks AMAZING!

  5. Katie

    Hi girls! darling post, darling sisters! :) Random question- I’m looking into a major career change and currently checking out cosmetology schools. I’d love love love to hear where Kyleen went to school and any input she may have in the world of hair. ;) Thanks soo much! <3

  6. Kyleen

    hi katie! i studied at paul mitchell the school san diego. it was a wonderful school and i would definitely recommend it! they teach all the basics and also new techniques and keep you up to date on fashion trends. being a stylist can take a lot of work but it also can give you freedom to make your own schedule which is great and it is so much fun! clients can end up being friends for life! so good luck in your new career path and God bless! :)


  7. Heather

    Hey Kelli!
    I was just wondering if your hair is naturally a little wavy or if you do something to make it look that way? I have the same haircut(basically) and came across your blog and just wondered about that! Thanks so much!

    • kelli

      Hey Heather! My hair is naturally stick straight. If I want to give it a little wave, I use a fat body curling iron.

  8. Tiff

    Hey ky! Thanks for the great tips. Do you have a blog? I would love to see pics of your kids

  9. Carina

    Hi there..Im a cosmetology student, and i had to resort to this blog to clarify using a toner for me, My Instructor refuses to give any information as she says that when we leave beauty school we will be her competition….=/ so thanx for this valuable information

  10. Jennifer

    O.k. First off thanks for the great post. I’ve seen a million posts about platinum hair but usually by do it at homer’s. I’m a stylist as well but I’m curious about the product lines used to maintain your platinum hair (shampoos, conditioners, and conditioning treatments) and how long you usually go between root maintenance. I always love to recommend good product lines to clients and honestly, for myself as well. I had platinum blonde hair for about five years but was unable to get it to grow past shoulder blade length without incurring breakage. Maybe it was because I tried to use too many brands in search of the perfect combo. Yours is beautiful and I’d love to know yours and your sister’s process. Thanks in advance and I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog.


    Thank you for every other informative site. The place else may just I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I’ve a undertaking that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such info.

  12. Angela Allison

    Hello I bought everything you showed on your website to do my hair. My roots are dirty dishwater blonde. Will the 5 developer be strong enough? Would you tell me how much toner to how much 5 developer you use? HELP me please. I love your website and thank you.


    Thank you some other educational web site. The place in addition may perhaps I recieve of which form of data coded in a very great usually means? I’ve got a task that we are right now working on, i have been receiving the looks out regarding like information.

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  15. marie

    Hello , wonderful platinum , i have the same but a little concern at the moment, been doing my roots and this time seems like they stay golden/brassy yellow … can see the difference between the roots bleached and the lengths, do you have any tip ? should i bleached a little bit more ?

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  19. anna

    I love your hair so much! I’ve bleached my hair a few times in the past, and I absolutely love it. I feel like it’s my power color. haha anyway, could you do a post on how you keep your hair healthy looking? I need tips because I’m wanting to bleach mine again soon. :)

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