Dress: Free People, Tights: J.Crew, Lace Headband: Urban Outfitters, Velvet Heels: Nine West


I always thought I’d travel a bit more before starting a family. (fyi – this pregnancy was a surprise! a wonderful, beautiful, UNEXPECTED surprise!)  But I’ve always had dreams of traveling Europe.  A dream i’m afraid I will have to put on hold for now. Perhaps down the road on one magical anniversary we will make it happen and leave the babe with mom! (listen to me, I am already jumping years ahead. ha!)  Sam and I both have jobs that make traveling pretty tough.  We cherish the times we get to vacation together, and while it’s not often, it’s usually just what we need to rest our minds and “rekindle the romance”.  I want to take the next 5 months, before this baby graces us with his or her presence, and take as many mini vacations (and hopefully one longer “babymoon” ) as I can.  By mini vacations I even think about driving up the coast a few hours and staying at a bed and breakfast over the weekend, or booking a hotel for a night in Coronado and biking on the boardwalk.  A vacation doesn’t have to mean buying a plane ticket…there are so many things we could do by just packing our bags and jumping in the car.  I wish we did this more….and I have promised myself that we WILL do this more pre-baby! Because we all know how life can change with a newborn! It will be an amazing thing, but certainly a huge life CHANGE.  And by the way time has been passing lately, August will be here before I know it.

….I am packing already.


  1. Kendra

    I love the idea of taking more mini trips close to home. There really is more to do than we might think. In my case, Oregon. :)

  2. Emily

    Being stuck in the Midwest my whole life, I have always wanted to travel along the West Coast. There are just so many beautiful places! And a bed and breakfast sounds absolutely perfect. I hope you have a lovely time wherever you choose to go!

  3. Alicia

    Do not worry Kelli!! You can do it all, I promise. It is harder with a baby, for example, I am not at Mammoth this weekend but be thankful for a great family and a great partner in Sam. We are so lucky to have Aaron’s family, who babysit all the time and I am so lucky to have such a supportive partner. Day dates are amazing and when the time is right, you will do overnight dates.

    Value this pre-baby time!! It goes by fast. You should totally go to Ojai, it is so amazing!

  4. steffy

    i just found your blog from chictopia and i just LOVE it! the baby belly pictures are so cute! i am going to add you on blog lovin right now :) add back if you want!

    <3 steffy

  5. steffy

    Also, not sure if you read this blog, ‘bluebird official vintage’ but she does a section called Mama Style for pregnant women and I recommended you because you’re so cute and would be perfect for it :)!!!!

    <3 steffy

  6. Paula

    i just found your blog but already have fallen in love with it! your style is amazing, your hair and face are fabolous and photos ultimately beautiful – in every single post.

    thank you for gorgeous blog and best regards from finland!

  7. carla

    Hey Kelli! I love you art and your blog! Fashion Mom on the way! :) Enjoy every minute of your life, i’m sure they will be very happy! beijos

  8. Rhonda

    Very very pretty outfit. You didn’t mention the top.. It’s gorgeous.. I want it..:)…

    I also went platinum.. Do you have a favorite conditioning treatment ? My hair is breaking off left and

    • kelli

      Yikes! I use Giovanni Colorflage Platinum Conditioner. I works really well on my hair.
      The top / dress I am wearing is Free People. Both the underneath black one and the cream “tank dress”. xoxo-Kelli

  9. Brandi Lisenbe

    Traveling is so important if you have the urge too!
    its more important for me to travel than to have things.
    You my dear are precious and i am sure you, sam, and baby will all be able to go on mini and big vacations together:)

    Love your suitcase!



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