Hey all! I am soooo excited because tomorrow morning Sam & I are waking up bright and early to catch a flight to Chicago! We are going for a friend’s wedding on Saturday but we decided to extend our stay to enjoy the city! I haven’t been since I was a tiny thing (I was actually born in Chicago and lived there until I was 2…I don’t remember much).  I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures to share!  Hopefully I can drag Sam out to SHOP with me! But I got to get to packing…it always takes me WAY longer than I plan.

Art by MATTE STEPHENS.  How great is he!?!  I am in love with ‘Bear Monster Visits Chicago‘!


  1. Amber


    I live in Chicago! I hope you enjoy our city.. sorry for the snow. believe it or not we had 60 degree weather last week… pretty depressing to have the cold back!

    Safe travels!

    Amber Appleby


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