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Dress: Free People, Tights: J.Crew, Lace Headband: Urban Outfitters, Velvet Heels: Nine West


I always thought I’d travel a bit more before starting a family. (fyi – this pregnancy was a surprise! a wonderful, beautiful, UNEXPECTED surprise!)  But I’ve always had dreams of traveling Europe.  A dream i’m afraid I will have to put on hold for now. Perhaps down the road on one magical anniversary we will make it happen and leave the babe with mom! (listen to me, I am already jumping years ahead. ha!)  Sam and I both have jobs that make traveling pretty tough.  We cherish the times we get to vacation together, and while it’s not often, it’s usually just what we need to rest our minds and “rekindle the romance”.  I want to take the next 5 months, before this baby graces us with his or her presence, and take as many mini vacations (and hopefully one longer “babymoon” ) as I can.  By mini vacations I even think about driving up the coast a few hours and staying at a bed and breakfast over the weekend, or booking a hotel for a night in Coronado and biking on the boardwalk.  A vacation doesn’t have to mean buying a plane ticket…there are so many things we could do by just packing our bags and jumping in the car.  I wish we did this more….and I have promised myself that we WILL do this more pre-baby! Because we all know how life can change with a newborn! It will be an amazing thing, but certainly a huge life CHANGE.  And by the way time has been passing lately, August will be here before I know it.

….I am packing already.

Stand Up For Kids Mural

It feels like ages since I’ve done a mural.  I think the last one I was a part of was at the Boat House last year where I drew this fur hat antler girl. It’s so great to be able to collaborate with artist friends….especially when it’s for a good cause.

Jedidiah, the company I design for,  has been involved with a non-profit organization called Stand Up for Kids for quite some time now.  They are a national volunteer outreach organization dedicated to going to the streets and making a difference in the lives of at-risk, homeless and street kids.  I admire what they do and am humbled by the incredible impact they are making in the lives of these kids every day.  The fact that Jedidiah is able to help them in their mission is a blessing, and we are so excited to be partnered with such a great organization.  Our Fall and Holiday 2011 collections (which have yet to be released) will raise funds to help Stand Up for Kids open a new Drop-In Center in New York City!  But for the time being, we wanted to help locally in another way, through art.   The Oceanside chapter of Stand Up for Kids, which lies closest to home for me, just moved into a brand new center.  When Kim, the center’s director, contacted me about possibly creating a mural within it’s walls to serve as inspiration to the kids…I was all over it.   I rallied up a handful of talented and willing artists  to help me create a mural for the kids.  We took over one of the main walls….and 5 hours later….here is what came of it.

Thanks to Tocayo, Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo, Skye Walker, Sam Larson, Eric Wixon, Christy Pepper Dawson and Brooks Sterling for helping out and giving the kids something to smile about.


(It may take a minute to load)

StandUp for Kids mural from Skye Walker on Vimeo.


Hello everyone!  I am Kyleen…Kelli’s baby sister…here to inform you on how I get Kelli’s hair so white…what an angel she is with her glowing hair! haha! No one rocks it better!

First and foremost I must say NEVER EVER try getting this color yourself at home!  Leave creating this look to the professionals!  I say that because platinum hair is VERY delicate and you have to really know what you’re doing in order to minimize damage and have healthy beautiful platinum locks.  So what I tell you in this post is for you to tell your hairstylist !

Ok here we go… so what I use on Kelli is a violet based lightener (aka bleach) with a 20 volume developer (i use wella blondor…but there are many kinds out there).  Your hairstylist will determine what the best volume for your hair type is.  I apply it to her roots, and her roots only, and let it process about 25 minutes….again your hair type determines processing time.  After I shampoo the color, I apply a toner.  Remember that word…TONER…to tell your stylist because you’re never get it platinum without it!  The toner I use is Paul Mitchell’s UTP (ultra toner platinum) with 5 volume.  I focus the application on the roots then pull it through the rest of the hair toward the end of about a 5-10 minute processing time, then I condition. I like to leave the toner on until Kelli’s hair takes on a violet hue.  So not to worry, if your hair has a purple-ish tint when it glistens in the sun when you leave the salon just wash it once or twice and it will be the perfect color!   OR if you’re anything like Kelli and kind of like this ashy hue…pick up some purple shampoo from you local beauty supply store!  You can use this every now and then at home to keep your hair looking extra white.  If your hair is not already blonde enough to just do a root touch up, then getting it to be platinum can potentially be a LONG process.  If your hair is colored dark, then it could end up taking a year of getting your hair lightened every month to reach your goal.  If you push and try to lighten it too much and too quickly you can seriously damage your hair, so patience is key.  So I hope this helps all you platinum hopefuls out there!

S O U R C E –  1. 2. 3.  4.



I know, I know….it’s not much of a bump yet! BUT it’s there and i’m claiming it! Today I am 16 weeks (4 months) along in my pregnancy.  I have noticed in just the last few days my bump growing bigger, and I think…no, I KNOW….. my growth spurt is on it’s way.  I have to be honest and say I am a little bit nervous about that part.  I know the growth is so gradual that your body just adjusts with the process….BUT it is still hard for me to imagine a huge basketball in my stomach.  I mean, that’s got to be uncomfortable right? I wish I wasn’t nervous…but I just am…especially now getting to the four month mark and knowing that over the next four weeks the baby will double in size.  By the way…it’s the size of an avocado right now, about 4 1/2 inches.

I was laying in bed the other morning, savoring my last few minutes under the covers before I had to get up and get ready for work, and i felt a little movement in my stomach.  I swear it was the first time I felt the baby move, and I got so excited.  Yesterday I had my check up appointment at the doctors and was able to hear the heartbeat.  It was so loud and strong! And it just re-affirms me that everything is going just the way it is supposed to be going.  I have always doubted that I would be a person to have a smooth, normal pregnancy.  I’ve had so many odd medical issues in the past, I just assumed pregnancy would not be an easy go-around for me.  But my body is proving me wrong, and so far, I don’t have much to complain about aside from being sleepy and nauseous on and off.

Since I had to show off my belly, I made both my boys stick out theirs too !

I have a feeling that next month you will be seeing a much larger belly from me!

On a different note, check out my interview up on THE PROJEKT today!!


Oh me, oh my! What a week.  Life is just full of surprises sometimes isn’t it? Once I feel like I’ve got it all figured out, it throws me a curve ball and makes me realize I’m not in control after all. DANG, I like feeling in control. The last two years have been a whirlwind of change in my life….moving to Encinitas, discovering I have Celiac’s disease, getting married to the love of my life, finding out SURPRISE… I am pregnant, and now, facing some pretty huge changes at work.  Work is the place I spend the majority of my time, and the people here are like family to me.  Recently loosing a few people  who I have worked beside for years…people I love and respect, has been hard, to say the least.   And I think it rocked me a little more than I thought it would.  But what can I say, I am a “feeler” (thanks mom!).   Sometimes, in the midst of change, its hard to see the good in a situation.  But I have to trust that God has his hand in all of this, and that something better is in store for all of us.  So, I am keeping faith in that and staying hopeful for the future.  Besides, this change might mean a bigger, better opportunity for Sam and I and our growing family.  We will see! ( I know i’m not being very descript here, but this is all so fresh and up in the air still).

{ s o u r c e }

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

– King Whitney Jr.

I choose hope over fear.

In other news…the baby bump has grown a lot this week!  I’ll have an update on that soon!  But I am listening to the pitter patter of rain outside right now and my husband, a cozy fire, and our last episode of Breaking Bad are waiting for me downstairs! So i’m signing off :)

xoxo – Kelli