A few sweet creations designed by LIESCHEN MULLER stopped me in my tracks as I was browsing through ‘a little muse’ the other day.  Which is a blog you MUST check out by the way!  It is the a diary of Annemarie Lawless and her daughter Tallulah….documenting their life together and exploring her passions in photography, film, fashion, music and interior design.   Such a great concept! It inspires me to document life in this way with Rylee.  It’s so full of amazing memories captured on film for the two of them to fondly look back on later.  It actually reminds me of a youtube video I recently saw – RIGHT HERE – of a father using the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up.  Ohhhh my, technology has come so far :)  But I digress….


Anneliese Mueller (of Lieshchen Mueller) is an amazing German artist who creates fanciful softies, handmade pinatas, feather headbands, and some of the sweetest children’s clothes I have ever seen!  Her color palette is a dream and her creativity is endless! She can be found on her BLOG / FLICKR / ETSY…..and some of her creations are sold at  I am spying THIS little dress for Ry. La la looove.



  1. Ilana

    Stop it! Wayyy too cute! ;)
    I actually have a few babyshowers coming up so will definitely have a peek at her goodies!




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