Secret Squirrel 2012 / Quill & Fox Valentine’s Day Card / Sentiment Necklace / Heart Paper Garland

I can’t believe it’s already almost Valentines day.  Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas!? Yeesh! Either way…i’m kind of excited to see all the red, pink, hearts and sparkle all over the blogsphere right now! I have had a slight obsession with the colors nude and poppy paired together as of late (notably so in my Valentine’s Day inspiration roundup above).  I am dying over THIS outfit! Just perfection.

Are you guys doing anything fun for Valentine’s day!!? We usually don’t do much. I figure we have EVERYDAY to celebrate our love.  But I guess an excuse to dress up, eat chocolate and write love notes is fine by me! I was surprised when Sam told me he actually booked us a hotel in Palm Spring for the weekend! I’m so excited! We both just love it there. It’s our first vacation since Rylee was born.  Last time we were in Palm Springs it was our one year anniversary…..and we made her! haha.  It’s not our “plan” to continue that tradition.  But I can’t wait to relax and enjoy the sun with my family!  I love them so much.  I just got Ry a new swimsuit that I don’t want to EVER take her out of! Her big belly and thigh rolls are the best thing ever.  I’ll be sure to take some pics!

Have the LOVE-liest of weekends.


  1. roxana

    adorable swimsuit! i’ve actually been looking for some for my kiddos, i always love baby gap, such cute things. recently came across your blog and i’m loving the art/fashion mix.



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