Dress c/o Causeway Mall / Shoes, Dolce Vita / Crown, DIY

We just returned from our getaway to Palm Springs and it was MARVELOUS!  So great to spend the weekend away from home and  in the sun with my loves.  Rylee’s first vacation was a great success!  Oh, aside from getting stuck in traffic for 4 HOURS on the way home! Ugh…talk about bad timing.  Anyway, Rylee  was such a trooper and slept for most of our drive back.  The car puts us both to sleep!  As much as I love leaving for vacation….it’s always good to return home.  Getaways don’t happen as often as they used to for us, so I savored every minute of it.  Anyway, I’ll post photos soon.  I even took some video but with my lack of talent in the video department….it may take a bit to get that put together.  My multi-talented cousin is going to teach me the basics of final cut pro so hopefully I can turn my footage into something worth watching!  It’s something i’ve wanted to learn for forever.  (one of the many things on my list!)  And I want to be a good mom and document all the special moments of Rylee’s life!  Pictures are awesome, but home movies have always been my favorite.

Well, happy (almost) Valentines day!!  I chose this poppy dress and pink berry crown I made in spirit of the holiday. (Still can’t get enough of poppy red).  It kind of makes me feel like little red riding hood (the blonde version) or like i’m part of some garden fairytale. Not a bad feeling to have. Ha!  I hope your “significant others” treat you well tomorrow!  But even if you don’t have a ring on your finger or a boy on your arm…hopefully tomorrow is a reminder that the love you give and receive is equally as valued!  And eat some Dove chocolate hearts….that almost always makes me feel better! Lots of love to you.

Heart Entwined Watercolor by GollyBard




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