Ahhh I love these two!  Bam (kitty) is so good with Rylee.  I remember being so worried about how he would react to having a baby join the family (and steal all the attention!)….but I have to say, he has certainly impressed me! It took him some getting used to, but now he loves to be near her.  When she is playing on the floor he loves to snuggle up next to her…he even let’s her try to catch his tail.  It’s the cutest thing.  A few days ago Ry had one of her first major baby milestone’s.  She’s sitting up! She is still a little wobbly but get’s better and better every time she tries.  Lord knows what comes next! I’m not quite ready to see her…..dare I say it….CRAWL! Eek!  How is she already half way to her one year mark!?!  Time goes way too fast.  We went to her 6 months checkup yesterday and found out Rylee is 13 pounds and 25″ long.  She is only in the 6% for weight and the 8% for height.  Teeny tiny little thing!  But healthy as can be.  She has been on a diet of solely breastmilk, but I think it’s time I start introducing some rice cereal. Now if only she could sprout some hair!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  It’s a WORK weekend for me! So many loose ends to wrap up.  Daddy’s on duty!


  1. Sioned

    What a beauty! And so tiny :) I swear Molly looked that big born! oh my you’re making me broody for another!
    Beautiful family :)
    Molly loves animals. Are cats good with babies? Jamie wants a dog. But I’d love a cat? We can’t decide! xx

  2. kellyhicks

    Aww so cute! Love her little outfit too. I’m trying to remember how fast it goes when our little one comes – so I can savor every moment and hopefully not get too overwhelmed!

  3. Vivian

    Oh such precious photos! I love the one with Bam! And being teeny tiny means you just get to enjoy this her being small that much longer!


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