Pants – Mossimo for Target / Shirt – Forever21 / Shoes – Steve Madden / Watch – Nixon

These here I call my pickle pants.  For no other reason other than because they are green and they make me feel happy.  And so do pickles.  As I was dashing through Target to pick up some much needed baby wipes (yes….bad news when you run out of those) I spotted these emerald beauties gazing at me from across the isle.  I snatched them up without thinking twice.  My rule is that you don’t have to think twice when they are $24! haha.  I tried on some similar pants at Anthropologie, I think they might have been Citzen’s, for close to $200.  I couldn’t bear to hear what Sam would say if I told him how much I spent on pickle green pants….so I resisted.  I guess fate was on my side when I found these the next day!  I am being dramatic, but needless to say I was excited.  Talk about outfit on a budget….shirt for $16 and pants for $24.  Love when that happens.


  1. Brandi Lisenbe

    Love the Kelly Green pants!!! and that shirt is perfectly awesome!
    $24 dollars no brainer for sure!
    :) Do y’all give yourself a certain amount you can spend each month? I think I need to…I am such an impulse spender.

  2. Nicolle

    Immediately pinned this outfit. So simple and chic. Perfect for springtime! Thanks for showing us that beautiful outfits can also be affordable :)

  3. Vivian

    Love the fun print and bright pants! And the affordability of it all! LOL – I’m gonna think “Pickle Pants” everytime I see green pants now! In fact, I am going to Target today and I might just be hunting for some pickle pants of my own!

  4. Tiffany

    I super admire your style and really appreciate the way you put outfits together!! Also admire your ability to keep up such a fantastic blog with such a lil cutie to keep occupied…bloglov’d!!! xx

  5. roxana

    what a steal! the first thing i though when i saw your picture was: “wow, i need some awesome bright pants.” and i love how you paired them with a cute patterned blouse. inspiration for mamas everywhere. i will now go trade in my pjs for some real clothes. thank you. :)

  6. maria

    such a cute outfit, i love those pants too! I have seen your illustrations but never visited your blog, you’re so talented! glad to see where all the beautiful work is coming from!



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