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Hello everyone it’s Amanda from Here Comes the Sun here today! I am a long time reader of Kelli’s blog so it’s quite an honour to be on here sharing with you all.

In New Zealand at the moment we’re heading into winter and the days are getting shorter and darker. Being a blogger at this time of year is getting tricky as when I finish work its usually too dark to shoot any pictures. But I think that’s one of the reasons instagram is so amazing – my phone is attached to me all day long and it’s so easy to snap away and upload pictures of the little moments here and there.

If you’d like to join me on instagram my username is @herecomesthesunblog As you can see my feed is mostly full of food and books and cups of tea!


Hi to kelli’s readers! My name is Steffy from the blog Steffys Pros and Cons and I’ve been a reader of kelli’s blog for over a year. My favorite part about kelli’s blog (aside from her CUTE pictures & CUTE baby girl) is the depth in the writing. I always feel like all of kelli’s life experiences are so relatable. I try to limit the text on my blog, so here’s some extra writing because I really do love to write too!

The other day my boyfriend matt and I were driving to get breakfast in the area where we were searching for a new apartment (but not really looking on this specific day). As we were driving along we saw a for rent sign on a building we never noticed before. It was right there, right in our face. We just happened to stop, happened to call the number, happened to tour the unit that day, and then fell in love and signed a lease to move in a few days later. Sometimes on really lousy days where everything just seems to go wrong, I try to remember about days like this. Everything happens for a reason, everything has a purpose and everything has a plan! I am not always a positive person, but I really strive to look on the bright side of life. Here’s some fun COLOR filled outfits to brighten up your days. Who knows, maybe the way you dress can change the way you look at life!?

In case you wanted outfit details..

outfit 1 (pink top and shorts): blouse: Tea and Tulips shorts: chicwish shows: Blowfish shoes Bag: Romwe
outfit 2: (orange and mint): blouse: Tea and Tulips Shorts: Tea and Tulips Shoes: Forever 21
outfit 3: (trousers) Blouse: Tea and Tulips Trousers: Vintage Shoes: surf shop on south beach hat: vintage


So I am really excited to finally be sharing these photos with you today!  I teamed up again with Taryn and Shelby of JOIELALA to create a spring inspired lookbook.  And this is the first of the series! I really can’t get over how good those girls are!  Yeesh!  All the photos are just so dreamy.  Their play on light is what always gets me.  I wish I knew how to use a camera this way! Haha.  I’ve been saying that forever.  But I guess I am just glad I have talented friends to collaborate with! …..more to come!

What I’m wearing:

Crocheted Top by Free People / Re-constructed silk dress (from mom’s closet!) / Ecote T-Strap Wedge from Urban Outfitters / H&M bracelet


Rylee and I leave today to head to Wisconsin to attend my grandfathers funeral and to spend some time in the north woods with my grandma.  For those of you who have sent encouraging notes and emails….thank you so much!  I truly appreciate it.  I hope our time there can be a celebration of his amazing life.  Tears, no doubt, but I am so happy he is home.  As hard as it is to say goodbye, we all know he is in a better place now.  It will be Rylee’s first time on a plane…and away from daddy….so we will see how that goes!  She is a little trooper so I’m sure we will be fine!   I have some wonderful bloggers who will be filling in here while I am away!  So lots of fun stuff coming up!  Enjoy!  I will “see you” soon.


This tutorial is easy peasy! And it only takes about 15 minutes to make!

Here’s what you will need to get started:

-An old t-shirt you don’t mind cutting up (or any jersey fabric).  I suggest finding a jersey knit with a bit more “give”.  It’s a little harder to handle, but will make for a more comfy fit on your baby’s head.

-a needle and some thread

-fabric scissors

-hot glue gun

1. Measure your baby’s head. Cut a strip of fabric that is just barely shorter than her head circumference, since the fabric will stretch.  The width is up to you.  I cut mine at about 2 1/2″ wide.  And no need to make it perfect!  The fabric edges roll and can easily be tucked under when the headband is worn.

2. Thread your needle and overlap your fabric ends.  Sew them together with a loose stitch.

3.  Cinch the fabric tight and knot it at the end.  Creating a secure gathered center.

4.  Cut out a handful of circles ranging from 3″ being your largest to 1″ being your smallest.  I found that 8 worked well.

5. Stack the circles on top of one anther beginning with the largest and ending with the smallest.

6. Take your needle and thread through the center of your circle stack a few times.  Pinch the circles together from the bottom so they appear to form a flower bud.  Then thread through the bottom (as many times as you want) until you feel like the bud looks right.  There was no specific method to my stitching.

7.  Now all you have to do is use your glue gun to secure the bud onto the headband (in the center of the “cinch”).  Or, if you don’t have a glue gun, you can always just hand stitch the bud to the band as well.  And there you have it.  Fini!


I hope you guys have fun with this one!  If you try it out, post it on your blog and send me the link.  Or just forward me a photo!  I’d love to check it out!