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As I was posting these pictures, I was remembering this day last year when we all dressed up as cave people.  It’s insane that one year has passed since then.  Just as I feel like we are getting a little too old for halloween shenanigans, we have another, and even better, excuse to join in the fun.  From now until forever I’ll relish in making my kid(s) look ridiculous.  But I think this white swan costume might go down in the history books as my all time favorite.  It was actually kind of a last minute idea.  As I was having dinner with a girlfriend (hi Ana!), and I was telling her about my idea for a little lamb costume for Rylee, but I was worried I had procrastinated too long to actually have time to pull it off.  Her daughter is about 7 months older than Rylee and last year she made this Martha Stewart chicken costume for her little girl.  So genius.  I snatched it up, but instead of a chicken I wanted to make her a swan!  So I ditched the chicken hat and made a couple simple swan masks instead.  A white one for her, and a black one for me.  They didn’t take long at all to make, so if you are in a jam and looking to make a quick costume…here’s what I used to make them (sorry there are no step by step photos)

What you’ll need:  felt, feathers, elastic, sequins, orange fabric, hot glue gun, a needle and thread

Start by downloading my mask template: BABY SIZE / ADULT SIZE.  Cut out the masks and trace them onto your felt.  Cut out two identical masks.  For the white mask, I used black felt on the underside and white felt on the front side.  I made sure to cut the eyes slightly larger on the white felt, so that the black felt showing through underneath created an outline.  No need to do this for the black mask though.  After you have your two matching masks cut, take one of them and use your hot glue gun to attach a few feathers at the point on each side of the mask, just above the eye holes.  They should feather out beyond the size of your felt.  Once it’s dry, glue the other felt cut out on top of the first….sandwiching the feather ends.  Trim / shape your feathers and make sure there are not feather ends poking through into the eyeholes.

Now you can decorate the mask however you want.  For mine, I attached silver sequins.  For Rylee’s, I drew in dots and added little black felt pieces to the corners of the eyes.  Next,  you need to make a beak. On my mask template that you downloaded, there is a beak shape that you can use to trace onto your felt.  Just like you did with the mask shape, cut out two identical beaks using felt and glue them together (just to make it more sturdy).  Then wrap the felt with orange fabric to create the beak, securing it with glue.  (it’s amazing all that you can do with a hot glue gun!)  I tacked the beak down with a needle and thread to the bottom of the mask.

Last thing you’ll need to do is add elastic!  This all sounds more confusing than it actually is!  You should be able to make one mask in 20 minutes if you have all your supplies ready.

Happy Halloween!  We celebrated over the weekend, so I’m not sure what we will do on actual Halloween. (I posted some more photos here)  Hopefully we’ll just eat too much candy and watch a couple cheesy scary movies.  What are your plans?  Be sure to comment with links if you decided to go DIY this Halloween!  I’d love to see what you made!


Skirt – H&M (similar)  //  Shirt – Urban Outfitters (similar)  //  Sweater – PacSun  //   Boots – Sam Edelman  //  Necklace – Curious Creatures

Leather….i’m such a fan this season.  I first spotted this KARL leather mini on Net-A-Porter and fell in love.  Fortunately for me, I found pretty much the EXACT same skirt at H&M for a fraction of the price.  Love when that happens. And if it’s not obvious already, hats have kind of been my thing lately.  It started as a means to hide my neglected hair, but now, I feel bald without one.  Is that strange? ha. I’m sure the phase will pass at some point but right now, i’m just letting it run it’s course.  No better time that Fall for wool hats, right?

Well, this weekend is shaping up to be a good one.  We are going to a Halloween festival on saturday and I get stuff Rylee in a swan costume.  We’ve already tried on the whole getup and it’s ridiculous and amazing and I can’t wait to show you.  I might even rally and put on some feathers myself.  We will see.  I know for certain there is no getting my husband to dress up.  Guys are too cool like that.  Then on sunday, we get to go to a black and white birthday bash for my my best friend’s son who’s turning one. These were the invites I made for it.  So we’ll be partying with little people all weekend!  (I am such a mom)  Sometimes I don’t realize how totally “mom” I have become….and then I look at my instagram and it’s pretty much the Rylee show.  Sorry if that’s annoying. It’s kind of just what happens.  haha.  If you’re reading this and not a mom yet, one day you will understand and forgive me!

And here are a few weekend links for ya:

– Love this Hand Stamped Feather Tee DIY by Kinsey

– 2 blogs I can’t get enough of:  Small Fry & Dear Friend

Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola – Yes, please.  And it doesn’t look too terribly intimidating.

–  Have you seen the Handmade Halloween Series by Oh Happy Day!!? Amazing. I think Rylee might have to be a snail next year.

– my dream black boot

cat nails!

– cute rubber stamps from eatpraycreate & Wit & Whistle

– and Rylee’s Tumblr…because I finally got around to updating it with some new pics.

Happy Weekend!


A new illustration and a quote to inspire….

“We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find.  There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you.”  – Tyler Knott Gregson

Be brave and shine.


Confession:  I spend way too much time “window” shopping online for clothes for Rylee.  I mean, way too much time!  Far longer than I spend shopping for myself.  Pinterest is much to blame.  Darn you pinterest.  I love you and I hate you.  It is one place I know I can go to instantly find heaps of inspiration, but it also has a way of distracting me from my own tasks, sending me on a never ending internet spiral.  Sometimes even leaving me with a twinge of jealousy.  That’s totally on me, but can you relate?  Anyway,  it’s mostly the best thing ever…but sometimes I have to stay away.   I first started with Pinterest when I was just about ready to give birth to Rylee and I wanted a place to file all of the websites for clothes I was finding.  It was like a dream invention that came just in time! haha.  And still today, baby clothes are one of my favorite things to pin.  Everything is 10X cuter mini, right?  To make the most of this unhealthy obsession, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a column, Mini&Me, to some of my favorite fashion finds….both big and small!

ME –  Bella Polka Dot Sweater  /  The Chelsea Boot  /  Blanche in the Brambles Bunny Tail Scarf  /  ASOS Rib Fold Over Collar Wool Coat

MINI – Mini Rodini Bunny Sweatshirt  /  Casual Leather Boot  /  Oeuf Neckie  /  Le Capelet

 Photos by Erica Schneider

 Wearing : Free People Faux Leather Trim Skinny Jeans  //  Creme De La Creme Tank - Zoe Karrsen
//  Plaid Shirt - Urban Outfitters - similar  //  Two Buckle Booties - Anthropologie
//  Felt Hat - Cotton On  // Necklace + Bracelet- Curious Creatures

This little scoundrel wanted in on our photo shoot, so we happily obliged and snapped a few mug shots.  How cute is he?   Too bad I didn’t have a cat flannel or something to style on him (i kid…kind of).  Well, just as I was thinking fall had officially arrived, in came another heat wave.  So out came the bathing suits and sunscreen again…..I know, rough life right?  But I am so ready for the cold!  We’ve been trying to celebrate the spirit of fall despite the heat.  Pumpkin patches,  apple cider, decorating the house,  and most importantly….pulling out our fall wardrobes.  (all the important things right? ha!)  I am a lover of layers, but right now, the weather doesn’t call for it.  So tank tops it is.  Especially this one by Zoe Karrsen.  And have I mentioned these boots?  I think I will wear them everyday when the weather cools down.  

E V E R Y S I N G L E D A Y.

Have a super weekend!