So we’ve officially decided we love SF.  I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate three years of marriage and Sam turning…(don’t say it)… 30!  We fell in love with the city pretty hard.  We stayed in a hotel in union square but made it our mission to hit the ferry building, fisherman’s wharf, the mission district, golden gate, & haight street….and in 3 short days, we managed to hit them all.  But not without some terribly achy feet!  We walked as much as we could because the taxi fees were killing us…and because it felt a little more adventurous exploring the city on foot.  At least walking so much made me feel a little less guilty about eating so terrible….and by terrible, I mean awesome!  (Crepes from Squat & Gobble anyone?!) One of my favorite neighborhoods we passed through was called North Beach.  It was home to one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.  There are not a whole lot of places Sam and I visit that we both agree we would consider moving to.  But this was definitely one of them.  In honesty, I am pretty sure we are San Diegans for life….but it’s fun to dream of what life might be like elsewhere.  We loved everything about it.  I even met a girl who reads my blog while we were out shopping!  It’s still so crazy (and awkward) to me that that actually happens sometimes!  And it’s equally as crazy to me that it’s been three whole years since we got married!  I feel like the luckiest lady to be able to spend the rest of my life with this man.  I love him more everyday #gush

It was pretty amazing to get away for a couple days and spend some time, just the two of us.  I forgot how easy it is to travel without a little one in tow!  But I have to say, coming back home to Rylee might have been the best part! We love her like mad.



  1. Natasha

    Looks like it was an amazing trip. I can only imagine how good it must be to get-away as a couple once more (no matter how much we love our babies). We’re hoping to get-away also, but I’d be a mess, I had tears in my eyes leaving Hugo with his aunt so we could go to Ikea. I guess I’m just not used to being away from him, as we’ve always lived away from the both sides of the family.

    Kelli, you really should give us a glimpse of your wardrobe. I’m in awe every time I check your blog. In my head, it’s HUGE! xxx

  2. Charity Sarah

    Congratulations! Wow, three years! I’m about to celebrate my first anniversary (next week, squeeeal) but I still find myself telling people I just got married in November. Time flies so fast!

    Taking notes in case we get to SF anytime soon. The trip looks amazing!

  3. Sonia Desclos

    San Francisco…. I remember roaring around there on my own for 10 wonderful days… I walked too, a lot, and I guess it’s the best way to discover this wonderful town – you walk by amazing architecture houses, lovely gardens full of bright flowers, you stop in delicious restaurants (my favorite was The stinking rose – unusual and absolutely yummy!)… The light was just so special at dusk… I had the same thought as you : if I had to settle anywhere else, it would be there (and that means a lot to me since I’ve already left Paris for Montreal).. Happy you liked your stay too. :)

  4. Meredith

    Wow! San Francisco looks gorgeous. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Congratulations on three years of marriage and happy birthday to Sam! :)

    Have a great week Kelli!

  5. haley

    isn’t SF amaaaazing?? my husband and i absolutely love that city and, like you, would definitely move there! because our families are in LA, i would have a hard time making such a move so we visit once a year and we always go between christmas and new year’s. this year will be our 3rd year going– the 1st year we went together as boyfriend & girlfriend (2010) and i fell in love with him there. the 2nd year (2011), he proposed to me up there, and this year we are married! glad you had a fabulous time! xo

  6. Liz

    Was it your first time to the city? It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’m so lucky to live so close and do my best to visit often. If you moved here you would be stuck with me as an SF shopping buddy :)

    Ps; congrats on your anniversary! <3

    • kelli

      Oh my gosh, I would love that Liz! It’s such an amazing city! I’d been there once before as a kid…but I didn’t remember much. And it was Sam’s first time! We will definitely be back!

  7. Moorea Seal

    Hooray for SF! Besides boring Sacramento, SF is the closest fun big city near my hometown in Northern California. A HUGE percentage of people from my high school ended up going to school in SF. So thankfully i have lots of friends to visit there :)
    If you are ever in Seattle, shoot me a message and we can say hello :)
    xo moorea

  8. Lainey

    San Francisco is where the hubby and I honeymooned 5 years ago. We recently went last year as well. And we’re convinced, that it’s definitely where we want to be, if money weren’t an issue. Lovely pics!

  9. Micaela // Drifter & the Gypsy

    San Francisco is such a great city (and I don’t just say that because I live in the area). It has such a great quaintness with all the little subdivisions and neighborhoods, yet is a big enough city to go explore. I’m glad you had such a great time and do visit again soon!

  10. Alycia

    Yay! I live in SF! Well… across the bay but I visit the city frequently! I’m so glad you love it!!! I have some of the same pictures you do! St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of my favorite places to visit in North Beach! Did you take a look inside? Hope you enjoyed your vacation… rather it looks like you did! :)

    • kelli

      I wish we would have taken a peek inside Alycia! If the outside looks like that….I can’t imagine what the inside would look like!

  11. House of Swoon.

    Happy anniversary! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I’d love to go some day! You guys are the best dressed couple…ever!

    Great pictures!

    Sarah XxX



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