Photos by Erica Schneider
Wearing:  Dress (similar) & Necklace (similar) - H&M / Madrid Wool Hat - Nasty Gal / Coat -
Anthropologie / Boots - Sam Edelman

This here is about as country as I get folks.  I didn’t realize it until I looked back at these photos, and well…. I guess I’m embracing my roots of growing up in east county San Diego, where cowboy boots were worn more than tennis shoes.  That’s probably an exaggeration, but my point is….it was country.  At least more country that the beach town I live in now.    And I kind of loved that about it.  I’ve been wearing these boots almost every day lately.  They are so easy and comfy and match with almost anything.  We’ve had such a yo-yo fall so far temperature wise, I’m still waiting for the cold to stick!  It’s just weird to be planning for Christmas with it still 80 degrees outside.

If you haven’t noticed, my lookbook photos are a million times better (yes, a million!) since my friend Erica started helping me out with them.  She’s a super star.  No offense to my sweet husband, but we really are no good when it comes to photography.  I actually finally just bit the bullet and signed up for a local photography class to get to know my camera a little better.  It’s been on my to-do list for months now (wow…maybe a year even) so I’m excited to learn some new tricks!  I think it just might be life changing!  It’s never been a goal of mine to really pursue photography….but as I’ve gotten older, my desire to document life and my family has also grown.  And like many things,  I want to be good at it! ha!  One step at a time.

Oh and today is the last day to enter the Bloom Theory Camera Strap Giveaway! I pick a winner tomorrow morning!


  1. Marlen

    This look is gorgeous, and so are your pictures! I love the southern vibe to it too, especially that hat. It looks so awesome paired with the lacy, girly dress

  2. Cathryn

    I have this dress! It is amazing! I was so happy with my find as it was a bargain for how pretty it is!

    It looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Sonja

    Amazing! I love every single item in your outfit! Especially the hat! Just found you on Lookbook. I’m now following! :) XX

  4. Cassie

    Would love to see the bottom of that skirt? Thinking its just a simple hem finishing just above the knee – but you never know!Loving this necklace as well. I used to wear things like this when I was a teenager but usually just with a single crystal pendant (either clear or purple) but having them all strung together like that is diyobe!



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