Photos by Erica Schneider
Wearing - Polkadot Dress - Anthropologie // Hat - Urban Outfitters // Ring - The Oxford Trunk //
Glasses - Oliver Peoples // Shoes - H&M

It’s funny, the evolution of my closet.  There are pieces I buy that I swear I will wear a ton….and I don’t.  And then there are others I’m not so sure about…..but find myself going to again and again.  This dress is one of the latter.  I usually feel funny in dresses with sleeves, not to mention a fabric that just might be better purposed on a couch….but when I saw this dress for 50% off at Anthropologie a few months back, I had to have it.  Those polkadots always get me!  (Anthro has the best sales don’t they!?….you just have to be patient enough for them to get there!)  Speaking of sales…did anyone brave any big ones on Black Friday?   I have always been to scared (or too aloof) to ever try it.  But cyber Monday….that is more up my alley!

It’s hard for me to believe that Christmas is already around the corner!  We had our first log fire last night and made hot chocolate.  It felt like the first real night of Fall (or is it winter now)?  Either way, it was COLD….and I loved it.   I’ll have some Christmas cards and other goodies up on my shop at the end of this week, so be sure to check back for that! Maybe even a cute freebie or two for ya here! (wink!)

Happy Monday.


  1. Rachael

    holy, that dress is awesome! i love my polka dots too. and i’d much rather show my gams than my top half ;)

    i don’t think i’ve ever bought anything from anthro, but mayhaps i shall check out any online sales?

  2. teddi

    kelli, you are complete and total cuteness! hooray for unexpected surprises that are pleasant, like dresses we didn’t know we would end up loving. i did black friday once, and haven’t done it since. it just wasn’t my scene.

  3. Leah

    Kelly, I love the green beanie with the black + white so much! They really make each other pop!
    You are so cute!

  4. anneso

    oh polka dots are absolutely my fave ! and this dress is so pretty… i wish we had a weather here in france that would allow me to wear such a cute dress…


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