It’s Wedsnesday….but today, I’m talking about Sunday’s. They are my favorite.  We always go to church in the morning as a family.  And I love that.  Walking in, I never cease to be thankful that I have these two hands to hold.  I love dropping Rylee off at child care and saying hi to all the other moms.  I love watching her interact with other kids and learn to be more independent.  And I especially love that hour when I can sit with Sam and learn from the word of God.  I don’t talk a lot about my faith here, but it’s a foundation of who we are and one of the reasons I love Sunday’s so much.  We always walk away feeling motivated, challenged, or inspired in some way.  And it’s always the best feeling when we get to pick up Rylee and she can’t wait to jump into our arms again.  I love my family so much….and lately….i’ve been getting the itch to grow it!

After church, we’ve started to make it tradition to get brunch and walk down to the ocean.  Rylee loves it, and so do we.  Sam is a surfer, so he’s always wanting to check the waves.  And I just think it’s the most beautiful place in the world.  No matter how many times I look at the ocean, it always amazes me.  We are so happy we get to call this home.  I guess Sunday’s just have a way of reminding me of all the things i’m really really thankful for.

The rest of our day usually consists of house projects which I love, and Sam loathes.  Mostly because it is me wanting to change or upgrade something and then delegating him do it. haha. There are just things that a guy will always be better at, right?! But slowly and surely, we keep plugging away and our small house is finally coming together.  Until my style changes, and I’ll want to redesign everything again. ha! Just kidding.  What’s your favorite day!?



  1. Lesley Myrick

    Thanks for sharing this little peek into your life, Kelli. I don’t share too much about my faith on my blog either (although it naturally works its way in sometimes) and it’s always awesome to connect with other believers. I fully agree with you that Sundays are awesome, and after church, our afternoons tend to consist of cuddling on the couch, some sort of sports game on tv, and a bag of microwave popcorn for dinner. We’re classy like that. xo

  2. Stephanie

    I know what you mean – we love Sunday’s around here too! Our mornings are started much like yours, followed by brunch or lunch, and then we try to relax the rest of the afternoon. It’s so great when you feel connected with a church you love. Thanks for sharing this part of your life! Love the matching boots you and Rylee are sporting, by the way :)

  3. Natalie

    This is so inspirational! Hearing about another young family’s faith is beautiful :) you seem like a very happy family and I love your blog!!

  4. Courtney Kennedy

    My favorite days are Thursdays because it is the start of my weekend since I am in school and it is just a day to get lots done and it is date night with my boyfriend. Sundays are my next favorite, I’m right there with you. I love just being able to serve at my local church and then soak in God’s word for a service.
    I’m glad you opened up to share that on your blog! I always leave inspired from your posts.


  5. Bri

    sounds like a great day, I love sundays too
    Rylee’s coat is gorgeous! I saw it at baby Gap and I almost bought it for my future daughter (yes I’m 50% sure Lucas will have a baby sister some day hehe)

  6. Marilyn

    I love this post, it’s my favorite! I love Sundays too, and totally understand about getting husbands to do house stuff. Your blog is amazing!

  7. Nedra Springer

    Kelli! This post made my heart so happy, you guys are so precious and I can totally relate to you lately getting the itch to want more babies! We are both so blessed with sweet girls. Sundays are also so special for us too, and I’m always so encouraged by you and your faith. You are such a wonderful mamma! Blessings to you guys! xoxo

  8. Kastles

    Oh Kelli this made me so happy! This post is beautiful & so is your family! Sundays really are the best! And I delegate my husband too! :) hehe!
    <3 Kastles

  9. Or

    Dear Kelli,
    I’ve been following your blog for a two years I think, and I have to admit that from all of your post this is the one that I got the most emtioened (well second to the one that you birth Rylee).
    It’s so weird because i’m not a religious person at all, and we don’t even share the same religious (i’m a jewish) but I think that the traditions that we earn from our religious is the most spiritual thing in the world, and all of us share the same feeling and thoughts when it’s concern to tradition and those little things that made us who we are.
    I know that it’s kind out of no where, but i just want to thank you for sharing those thoughts and feelings with us today and everyday.

  10. Natasha

    I love Saturdays. I used to always work them so now that I don’t, I enjoy having a real weekend. Plus, Sunday is still there to look forward to.

    I am totally with you on the itch to grow the family. I have pretty big age differences with my siblings, which is not what I want for my kids. That and I loved being pregnant so much that when we drove home from the hospital after Hugo was born, I looked at pregnant women in the street and thought, “I could do it again now” (I could just be a bit crazy like that) xxx

    • kelli

      haha! I loved being pregnant too Natasha. There’s something really amazing about growing a tiny human inside of you isn’t there!?

  11. Jess

    When is your sister due? Is she having a boy or girl? Are u and Sam tryin for another baby? How excited to add to your cute family. Love this post! Thx for sharing girl.

  12. Carly

    I’ve been lusting over that Baby Gap sweater for ages… Seeing it on Riley makes me think I need to get it for V!

    Sundays are also my favorite day. :)


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