Dress c/o Lovers + Friends  //  Kimono – Zara  //  Crown – DIY

My friend Erica, who photographs a lot of my style posts, recently decided to switch from shooting digital, to shooting entirely with film.  This is the first shoot we did together using film alone, and i’m so in love!  It’s of course more of an investment given the added cost of film and development, and you don’t get to view your images as you shoot (eek!)…..but I think the range and quality of photos speak for themselves.  Check out her latest tribal themed maternity session shot entirely with film… amazing, right!?  Sigh….and here I go with my baby fever again…

So here I’m wearing a dress by Lovers + Friends, an amazing brand out of LA that I’m totally loving.  Not surprisingly, they’ve teamed up with the flawless Geri Hirsh of Because I’m Addicted for a capsule collection set to debut this Spring.  Stay tuned for that one!  It’s gonna be good.

It’s Thursday….which means it’s one day way from Friday! Forever TGIF! This weekend can’t come soon enough.



  1. Natasha

    Stunning Kelli! Both you and the photos! I also love the dress (very maternity friendly)! I’ve also got baby fever. I guess it doesn’t help matters when I feel I am surrounded by baby bumps and new babies! Happy weekend xxx

  2. Rachael

    i absolutely love making floral crowns. i love having all the flowers around me and having something fun after that i can wear atop my head :)

  3. Kastles

    wow that is crazy fun to shoot with film! These are beautiful! I think you have to be so talented to get shoots like these with film! So magical!
    <3 Kastles

    • kelli

      I agree! I feel like each shot is so precious with film because you only get so many! I could never do it!

  4. Dom

    Yeah, this is simply gorgeous. Love the brightness of the kimono against the ruffles and opaque black.

  5. teddi

    completely beautiful dear kelli! i am enjoying the writing and the photos of your 52 project. you’ll look back on all this fondly i think. :) oh, and congrats on modcloth blogger.


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