So excited to have Your Cloud Parade here today sharing this yarn art DIY.  Your Cloud Parade is an online wedding marketplace chalk full of goods and services to fulfill your every wedding (or party!) need!  And today, they partnered up with Typologie & Co. to share this simple DIY that can add that special statement to your event…..and later, your wall!


Materials: Yarn, Plywood, Nails, Hammer, Pencil


1. Choose a shape of your choice and trace it onto the plywood


2. Hammer nails into into plywood following the traced pattern & continue until completed.

©markbrooke.com ©markbrooke.com

3. Choose yarn color and securely tie one end of the yarn to a nail and then start wrapping the yarn around each nail until completed.  Voila! Done!

Thanks again Your Cloud Parade! Be sure to check out their shop to discover more fabulous products and decor!


  1. Amber

    LOVE! Thank you so much for featuring my Heart Yarn DIY! I love your blog and am so honored to be on it! YAY!


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