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Keepsake Fiction Dress c/o PacSun // Champagne Bubbles Clutch //  Jeffrey Campbell Heels (similar) / Crown – DIY


Say hello to my new LBD.  I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress like this.  My collection of flirty dresses have been collecting dust in my closet while my denim and tees have been getting a little too much wear.  I’ll never complain about comfort, but it sure is nice to occasionally throw on a fancy dress and some heels.  New Year’s Eve is a good excuse.  And there’s nothing like a sparkle crown to make you feel girly, right?  Rylee agrees.

Happiest New Year to you all!!

DIY Sparkle Party Crowns

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

In honor of New Year’s Eve….I whipped up these simple sparkly party crowns for Rylee and I.  I’ve seen variations all over, but thought I’d share how we made ours in case any of you wanted to give it a try to ring in the New Year.

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

Supplies:  Plastic Headband //  Gild Sparkle Pip Cleaner //  Gold Sparkle PomPoms (optional)

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

1.   Wrap your entire headband with the gold pipe cleaner  //   2.  Fold the pipe cleaner in half to create points.  Place the first crown point in the front center of your headband.  And line up the others right beside that evenly.  You can make the front center one the tallest, and graduate down in height as you wrap around the back.  Or you can choose to make them all the same height.

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

3.  Glue a sparkly gold pom pom to the top of each point to finish it off!  Or double up the points to create a stacked effect.  Voila! Ready to party.DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

Another variation is a star crown.  Shape your pipe cleaner into stars by just bending in 5 points.  Make them all in slightly different sizes to add a little interest.

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

Link them all up and tie it around your head with either a ribbon or another long pipe cleaner.

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

DIY Sparkle Party Crown | Kelli Murray

Top c/o Kindred Oak


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The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week in 2013

Hat – Kindred Oak  // Shirt – Zara

I can’t believe we are already at the end of this series.  In some ways, it feels like it has just begun.  I love that this project has encouraged me to not only get better at photography, but also to go out and adventure more with Rylee.  In all honesty, it was hard for me to keep up with.  I missed a handful of weeks, but as I look back on all the photos from this year, there are so many that I treasure.  It’s crazy to see how much she has grown since my first photo of this series.  I still called her my baby back then.  And now, she is my girl.  There’s nothing baby about her.  Aside from her binky obsession I suppose.  Parts of me are sad that she is growing up so quickly, gaining independence, and finally…some hair! ;)  But I feel awful lucky to be her mom….to watch her grow and learn and become her own little person.  Life has a way of just flying by….but looking back on on all these photos helps me to realize how full and wonderful it’s really been.  I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.


Kelli Murray // Imagineale

{ photo by Imagineale }

making 2014 count copy

Can you believe the new year is already upon us!?  2013 has been a huge year of change for me and my family.  It’s been amazing, challenging, exciting and overwhelming all the same.  I know a new year always has a way of inspiring change.  It’s that idea of a fresh start, a clean slate.  We get excited to start a yoga class, invest more time in family, pursue a dream, hone a skill….only to get really busy and fall back into our old habits months, weeks later.  (I’m speaking from personal experience here, but I know a lot of you are with me!)  For as long as I can remember, “busy” has always been my excuse.  But I’ve come to realize, life is not changing.  Busy will always be.  It’s up to me to make change a reality.  In 2014 I want to be intentional, more than ever, with my goals.   Today, I’m collaborating with six other amazing bloggers on a series that will hopefully create a space to connect, share and inspire each other in our 2014 goals.

Friday January 3rd, 2014 each of the hosting blogs will be posting:

1. Casey Wiegand
2. In Honor of Design
3. Small Fry Blog
4. Oh Dear Drea
5. Little Baby Garvin
6. Summer Saldana
7. (and me!) Kelli Murray

We’ll be answering one or more of the below prompts and linking up so that we can all ready one another’s responses.

1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year, and what is your plan for making it happen?
2. Many people choose a word to reflect on, live by, or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it, and how you hope to incorporate it into 2014.
3. I will make 2014 count by…

We’d of course love to have you participate!  Next Friday we will  have details on how to link-up.  It’s the first time I’ve ever hosted or participated in a link up, and I encourage you to give it a try too! If you’d like to join in and share answers and posts, you can link up to any one of the six blogs in the mix.  Our posts will be interlinked, so your posts will be shared on all six different sites.  Also, be sure to use the hashtag #making2014count on instagram!

I’m excited to share my thoughts and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you better through your responses! See you all in the new year!

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Merry Christmas friends.  Remembering the things that are most important in this life.  Family, friends and the love of our heavenly father.

Thankful for these two people that fill my heart with more love than I ever thought possible.

Photos by Studio Castillero