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Kain Porter Dress via Loneflag  /  Peakin Cuff – The 2 Bandits  /  Phoenix Raffia Straw Hat

These might be some of my favorite photos to date taken by my friend / hero Jackie Wonders.  The colors, the building, this dress and the bump hiding underneath.  Just to brag on her a bit, Jackie is one of the most fun, easy going people I’ve ever met.  She has that rare gift of making you actually feel comfortable in front of the camera and is always making me smile.  I’m lucky to call her a good friend, but I’d honestly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the area.  She really is one of the best.  We’ve been working together over the last few months on giving her website and brand a fresh new look and feel,  and I can’t wait to share it with you all when we are finished!  I never thought I would love web design as much as I do.  I actually never imagined it would be something I ever offered as a designer.  But after creating my own in the beginning of the year, I kind of fell in love with the process and I’ve really enjoyed taking on several more web projects as the months have passed.

I’ve got a really big secret personal project up my sleeve that I have been keeping quiet for quite some time as well….so there will be a lot to share, hopefully really soon!

For now….I’m almost 25 weeks preggo  /  just found out i’m anemic which explains some of why I’ve been feeling so gross  /  craving salty carbs  /   finding it difficult to get out of my pajamas everyday (i know, so soon)  /  struggling with where to create a space for baby boy in Rylee’s tiny room (they will be sharing!)  /  and keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy summer!

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Ace & Jig Crayon Play Dress // Zara shoes (similar) // Matador Hat

Photos by Jackie Wonders

These photos were taken a little while ago, so don’t go thinking my bump is shrinking :)  As you’ve probably noticed….I’ve been pretty bad about keeping up here.  This pregnancy has thrown me a few curve balls along the way, the most recent being the return of my nausea and vomiting (bleh!).  It’s come on fast and furious and has left me feeling physically and emotionally drained.    I’m doing my best to keep up with work and be there for Ry, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge.  At only 24 weeks I’m already longing for the end.  Sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t enjoy this process.  But when most of the day is spent feeling some form of sick, it’s honestly hard to enjoy anything.  I know things could be much worse, so I try to remember that and  keep positive by thinking about the baby boy I get to hold in the end of all of this.  Anyway, enough of my pregnancy woes…life is pretty good and I’m lucky I even get to do this, hard or not.  Hope you all have a restful weekend.  We have no plans, which are always the best kind of plans! xx

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Just a few of my favorite summer essentials.  We are currently on a ‘staycation’ at a beach house for a few nights and are soaking up every minute of it.  Summer vibes on my mind:

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Ace & Jig Ra Ra Zodiac Midi SkirtSALT Pickford Sunglasses / St. Eve ‘Into the Mystic’ Necklace / Am. Apparel Crop Tee

Photos by Jackie Wonders

Have I mentioned lately how much I love a good midi skirt?  Especially this one from Ace & Jig.  I can wear it with almost anything and it’s one of the comfiest pieces I own.  And comfort ranks high on the priority list these days.  Today it was 95 degrees.  Which is pretty miserable when you are pregnant and working out of a house with no AC.  And they say it’s only going to get hotter over the next few days.  I don’t know what’s happening right now  but I sure hope these heat waves and Santa Ana winds don’t last through the entire summer, otherwise I’m in trouble.  I got a call from my mom this afternoon saying she had to evacuate her house because a huge brush fire was a few miles from her and quickly heading in her direction.  Thankfully, the winds shifted and the fire went around her….but it gave us all a good scare.  It’s always strange to think about what you would do if your entire house and everything in it was suddenly gone.  I know it’s just “things”….but it’s also memories.  Items you spent your life collecting.  I guess while other people deal with tornados and storms, we are up against fires and earthquakes.  Mother nature sure is unpredictable.  The only thing that’s worth holding close are the people we love.


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So it’s about that time again!  After we found out we were having a little boy, I decided we ought to sell some of Rylee’s clothes in order to make room for Cru’s stuff.  It was bittersweet going through all of her old boxes from when she was a newborn.  So many memories in each piece of clothing I saved!  I’m not going to lie, there might have been a few tears shed by this hormonal pregnant girl.  Still, I hung on to some of my very very favorites….. in case we are blessed with another little girl one day.  But I still have to part with a lot of items I really love!  While in purging mode, I did the same with my own closet, so there is a lot to look through, for you and your babe.  Baby sizes range from newborn to 2T and most of my clothes are size small or 2/4.  Paypal only / domestic shipping only / no returns.

Visit the shop HERE

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